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Best People Search Engine

by Rachel Garza

What exactly do you say when you meet someone in an unexpected position or location? What a small world that we live in. Well, not just you. We all say that. However, in a case where you, maybe urgently, need to look for someone you saw about a decade ago or that particular person you shook hands with at your friend's birthday party, you'd agree with me that the world indeed isn't smelled at all.

A People Search Engine Came Into Play

All thanks to technology and the internet, we have a somewhat narrow space where we can punch a few internet has brought us help in terms of people finder services that give us the avenue to search for people and collate one or two information about them.

It's called People finder. So it can ultimately help find the exact kind of person or persons you may have in mind. Starting from a babysitter, tutor, roommate, freelancer, down to an expert in your field, and other whatnots. These services are literally built with a point-source focus, which is to find people-related information.

Are they free? You surely wanted to ask. A good number of them are free, at the initial stage. But, depending on what exactly You're trying to get about the person; you might be requested to pay. Be at rest, some are free, as in entirely free to use though you may not be provided with sizeable information as against the premium ones.

Wait a minute! At this point, it's necessary and imperative to tell you, at least a little about when correctly you should employ these resources. Don't worry, when we truly get the why and what time , things come out right, and we get the best out of them. Don't call it a break here!

When and Why Should You Use People Search Finder Services?

There are other exciting situations where these services come in handy and save you from a great deal of pain, and ´ Had I known ͐ hashtags, apart from connecting with an old friend. Here they are;

· People Finder services help in a routine check Of prospective workers before handing them the welcome to "so and so" company handshake.

· These services could also assist students in getting first-class information about an incoming or prospective roommate or hostel-mate as the case may be.

· You could as well bank on these resources to guide you through when aiming to purchase a property from a seller by checking the seller's track record.

· You could also be a detective of your own by checking if whoever you are dealing with, be it in business, or what have you, has a criminal record.

So, without taking much of your time, let's plunge into a full list of the topnotch ones as you get your highlighter pen ready.

List of Best People Search Engines in 2023

In no particular order;

1. Mylife


Like a correction-pen, Mylife offers you an avenue to correct, monitor, and boost your background reports on the web. So, in case you're troubled as a result of wrong information being spread all over about you, tag along with Mylife and use the easy-chair. It brings search results which comprise of address, telephone numbers, educational history, political party interests, social profiles and many other whatnots.

You are free to edit, or remove any information of your choice. One drawback is- it's a US-only people finder resource tool.

2. Linkedin


LinkedIn! I call it the professional people finder resource tool. You'd know why pretty soon. It is Microsoft-owned service tool which helps search for focused keywords with names and location. The sidebar in the search page helps you use filters to redefine your search. If you sign-up and add a business profile, you can get some details about how other users are linked to that particular business or profession- hence the name. Just to let you know, as far as you viewed someone else's profile, the person typically gets to know about it. See how it


3. Pipl

Best People Search Engines in 2023: Pipl
Best People Search Engines in 2023: Pipl

Well, some say it's the most popular people finder services. It's arguably true as it works in almost all countries with results you can rely on.

You can easily find people you're interested in with their names, phone numbers, email and even username. Quite cool right?

It gives you a mixture of social,professional and contact information. Free for personal consumption but for corporate organizations, not so free. Let's learn how to


It costs about $99 a month and they get 200 searches or there about. Fair deal, isn't it?

4. Beenverified

Yes, a blend of background checks, reports, email address, contact information, phone number, criminal records and more is what you can get with BeenVerified people finder.

With this resource tool, you can search for people with any data you have at hand. Be it just the name of the person, email, address or phone number.

You could pay for a month membership to get infinite reports and quicker searches.

BeenVerified gives you;

· About four different ways to search for people.

· Sometimes gives you really cheap reports, if you are lucky .

· It collates data from countless sources. How nice!

Whatever way, it serves you. As a website, mobile application for iOS users and android community.

5. Whitepages


You want to get more than just social and professional information, then Whitepages is your go-to people finder resource tool.

It serves you thorough information on;

· Contact address

· Court records

· Properties and other whatnots.

Furthermore, you could find a particular person through their names, address, business, or even location.

You can get information such as phone number, location, etc for free but to get a detailed report, you have to go premium.

Very much available for both android and iOS apps. So feel free to explore.

6. Spokeo


Spokeo, the search and reunite platform. Whoever it is you're trying to find, you could search using;

· Location

· Email address

· Numbers

And it collates data from multiple sources like;

· Photos

· Online profiles

· Dating sites

· Social networks.

Making sense right?

One popular limitation- the results are of US origin. So if you're looking for an old friend or someone you know stays in US, spokeo is well recommended for you.

7. Truepeoplesearch

Truepeoplesearch is a platform that allows you search for people using;

· Name

· Contact address

· Mobile number.

One interesting thing is, it gives free results that are fuller and better than free results you could possibly get from some other people finder resource tool. Isn't it marvelous?

Free information you could lay your hands on;

· Associated names

· Family members

· Email address

· Previous locations

· Current address

· Phone numbers(both wireless and landline)


However, you might want to plunge further by going premium to get more reports.

8. Facebook


You've anticipated this right? Facebook, the social network! This people finder resource tool can be used to search for people through;

· Interests

· Place of work

· School

· Places they've been to and it goes on and on.

The 'find friend' section offers interesting features that lets you search through various options.

One other thing is, you could get to meet other people you know by just successfully searching for one person you know.

How? Facebook literally pop up mutual friends of the exact person you found under 'People you may know ' section.

Super cool right?

On a global scale,it's a superb people finder.Try signing up today if you haven't.

9. Truthfinder

Firstly, it begins with searches for the under listed.

· Phone numbers

· Criminal records

· Online profile

· Assets

· Sexual offenses

· Address

· Relatives etc

Next, it searches for ;

· Email address

· Job info

· Social media profiles

· Educational background

· Death records and lots more.

Like when you think you've seen it all!

But, there are just about a few results you can see. For more, you go premium.

10. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate
Instant Checkmate

InstantCheckmate allows you to search for;

· Age

· Phone number

· Criminal records and other related court papers.

It's more or less a public record search tool with one drawback - a US only resource tool and not free.

11 . Zabasearch

It's a people finder resource tool. It navigates public info and records, typically phone directories and court records. You can only get the following free results;

· Age

· Phone number

· Contact address

· Name.

Not so much, you say?

12 . Intelius

A resource tool that covers arguably all sides for you. Talk of;

· Social network

· Emails

· Criminal records etc

But, the only limiting factor is that it serves the US, speaking in terms of search results, and it comes with different subscriptions. So no free stuff.

13. Peekyou

It wouldn't be nice if I forget to mention this great people finder search tool.

PeekYou is a free tool that goes with the statement ' find friends, relatives, and colleagues across the web.'

It collates data bused on;

· Contact details

· Web profile

· Email

· Accounts on social media

It pulls data from a wide range of unusual sources, such as;

· Websites

· Homepages

· Blogs

· News sources

And it does quite a decent work any free people finder services will do. Worth a


Let's bring it to a close here. The best people finder services 2023 are now at your fingertips. You can look for that old friend of yours in med school or the lady you once had a crush on in your collegiate days.

Explore! Search! The few free ones or premiums, as you dim fit, and please do feel free to tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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