Best Ways to Earn More Trade-in Value at GameStop in 2023

by Rachel Garza

What People Say about Tradeins at GameStop ?

"I remember my childhood. I was a total game freak at that time. Almost every single video game CD was there in my collection. It was the time before we all got addicted to smartphones and macs. I used to play each and every single game. Until, the ios and android services were ready to take over the game. Soon after the conventional video gaming ended. Mom packed up these in a random box. For a long time, there was no sight of them. As a reminiscent of the past. I remembered my gaming interests. This gave me an idea. Why not carry out game-trade? Because the games were still in order. I thought of exchanging them to add extra earnings alongside my monthly allowance. So, this was how I entered in game-trade. And my concerned platform was GameStop." -Eric,23 @Indianapolis

This is one of the backstory Eric told us about when he got into game-trading. There are many others who can relate to this and after surveying 275 people. We found many interesting stories about their gaming business. Many added useful steps to earn more through this mode of trade. But, before we begin telling you. Let's clear ourselves with what Gamestop is in real life and how it works.

What other people say about Trade-in to GameStop on Reddit ?

What People Say about Tradeins at GameStop ?
What People Say about Tradeins at GameStop ?

What is GameStop?

Gamestop is actually a company. You can say that it's more than company, a brand though. Just as the name suggests, it is one big name in the field of games. It specializes in providing every single source of game. From the popular ones to the rare ones. It has almost every game. Not only this, but it deals with Xbox gaming, imac gaming and all Nintendo switches It has basically two major setups. One is called,"The gaming setup". This one involves all the gaming stuff in particular. The other one is called, " Technology setup". This deals with sale and purchase of all sorts of laptops, macs, mobile phones,Xboxes etc. Both of these setups combine to form the overall unit of the company. The company was originally formed for promoting gaming in computers. This ultimately gave space to other technology gadgets. Its purpose is to revive the gaming fever. It promotes gaming and appreciates gamers. The most important step of the corporation in this regard was giving rise to the gaming-trade system. This helped gamers to share their games with the rest of the world. Those who are really in need of rare games can find them conveniently here.

But What is Gaming-trade actually?

So far, we have discussed what the company does. The efforts are based on increasing the gaming interest. So gaming-trade actually involves, "trading your gaming stuff in for the sake of " Store-credit". It includes a GameStop card or some related gift cards. The coolest thing is you can choose between the types of gift cards you receive. Mostly, a gift card is given as an additional token of appreciation alongside the GameStop card

What is actually Store Credit?

The store credit refers to all the credit you get as a payment of selling your games to the outlet. It is very very important to choose the store credit wisely. As people often get confused between gift cards and GameStop cards.

GameStop cards are more like a key to the wonderland of GameStop. It means that whatever is available there on GameStop can be accessed or bought. For this, all you will be needing is a GameStop card. It includes other games, technology gadgets, T-shirts and customized gaming products.

A gift card whereas is a token of thanks you receive. It is there from the company to help you in paying up on your behalf. It covers the expenses of your gas, food or any other accessory you want. It is most of the time identical to a coupon where you expect to get almost free allowance.

But how can we make store credit maximum?

The answer to this question lies in your planning and choice. But alongside this there are certain measures. They are effective enough to give you maximum as reward.

Best Trade-in Value Choices Could Be the Right Consequences

Edith, 19 a sophomore at university when talking to our sources, says that It is a matter of what you choose. She quotes her own instance. She told us how she earned maximum store credit for managing a winter trip. She says, be wise in choosing gift cards.

As we all are well aware that Gamestop cards come in combination with different gift cards. So, in choosing a gift card you can choose the one which will be more profitable later. If we analyse this statement, the conclusion is simple. First of all there are different sorts of cards. But think on your own. What is that one card which people are needing mostly? If you choose, you earn. We give you a very simple example of this. If you are out there for a hangout. What you would be needing the most? A gift card for a customized T-shirt? Or you would be wanting a shell card for gas expenses. You got it right! It is going to be the " shell card" you would be needing the most. Another reason for this is it costs much more than an ordinary gift card. As it bears expenses for gas. Many need most of the time.

Earn through Exchange

Earn through Exchange
Earn through Exchange

After choosing your desired card. You can select whether or not to keep it to you or not. As, in the previous few lines. We told you about how important it is to choose a card with the maximum value. The value doesn't refer to the value for you. Don't need to be confused about this. In other words, if you are into gaming stuff and are more inclined towards choosing a Gamestop card. You can do that easily. Even after you have picked up Shell card as the trade-in value. Wondering how is it possible? We will tell you. All you need is to exchange your cards. Yes! exchange your Shell card at a profitable rate. Earn trade-in value. Get a Gamestop card. Voila! How's the plan?

But one major downside of card exchange is there. You can't exchange it anywhere. Of course you would not be liking your card selling out at the price of Skittles. In order to get the best trade-in value. Always prefer Cardpool. It offers you the best deals. Many of the gamers while speaking to us, shared their experiences. According to them, the deals on cardpool are in accordance with choice. Almost 32% more value is added to the card value over here. You must be wanting a good sale. Why wait? Have your card and do the best ever exchange of your life.

Member at Gamestop to Maximize Trading Values

Another method to get the maximum trade-in value is becoming a member at Gamestop. There are two categories of members here. One of them is free and the other includes pro. Both of them add to the great value of your trade. The free membership. The membership offers are as a matter of fact offered to the registered members. It involves all the amazing discounts based upon the overall time spent on the store. Special birthday offers are also given to the members. Whereas, pro membership involves more benefits. It gives them double points on every single purchase made by them. 10% extra trade-in benefit is earned by them on choosing to sell used games. Game informer magazine issuance is offered. Also,discounts are offered on purchase of used games.

But only this is not enough.

A good shape makes it great

Always try to keep the used games in the best of order. Having no physical harm over them can make them worthy. Because scratches don't make it desirable for the buyers to choose. So, before you decide to trade your games. Make sure they are in an excellent order. So, that it gets the highest trade-in value.

Right Timing @ GameStop for Best Trade-In Values

Always make sure you sell out your games at the best times. Best times imply the finest time of the year. It is when Gamestop offers you the hottest deals. They provide it to you by giving out random trade-in promotionsThe promotions include both the newer and older games. At times, most newest games are the hottest ones in towns. They have interesting trade-in promotions. At that time, you can sell your newest games with sheer convenience. This will give you nothing but good rates. Besides, there are times in the year when the trade-in promotion of older games are given. Such are the favourable times for the profitable trade of games. It works in a fashion that is pretty amazing. We all know that every trend comes back every once awhile. This works in accordance with games. Every once in a while, the older games become retro and classic. This is the time when you can find out the best trade-in value for your games. It's nothing but a little wait that can bring you the best results.

Now gaming can be much more than fun. It can be a whole new industry from which many can make fortune.

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