How to Get Chegg Answers for Free 2023

by Rachel Garza

Got a bunch of tough assignments but don't have a premium Chegg subscription to get the answers you need? Or are you looking for a way to get answers to your hard homework for free ? We got you covered.

The Internet has brought with it several new ways of doing things. Before, the only way to solve school assignments was to spend a lot of hours in the library going through different textbooks. Now, there websites where you can simply upload any academic questions and answers in seconds or minutes depending on how rare and tough the question is.

Why Free Chegg Answers ?

Chegg is an academic website with loads of textbooks in its archives and lots of experts in its online community. It is one of the best websites where college students can get quick answers to assignments or homework that would have otherwise consumed much of their precious time. This is one of the biggest benefits of using this website as it allows students the time and opportunity to do other activities with ease.

Why Free Chegg Answers ?
Why Free Chegg Answers ?
There are many other education help websites like Chegg but none are as popular as Chegg. In case you are wondering, there is no limit to the type of assignment you can get done on the website. Regardless of the subject or course, you are studying, there are more than enough tutors ready to solve the questions you have for you.

As good as the platform is in helping college students, the website is very similar to a freelancing website. In other words, every single online tutor working to answer questions posted on the website is being paid to answer your questions. The same also goes for the textbooks available on the website. You can rent and buy them at cheaper prices than what the books go for at your local bookshop. The result of all this is that using Chegg is not free.

The fees generated on the website are then used to pay the online workers as well as to acquire more textbooks to the website's archive. Chegg services come in different tiers with each tier attracting a different fee. The higher the fee a tier costs, the better the services you enjoy. Fees range from as low as $6 to as high as $50. The difference in prices means you can:

- Still enjoy Chegg services without spending more than you can afford on an online service

- Select the tier that offers only the services you need so that you do not pay for services you do would not use.

With all these in mind, it is not surprising that a lot of college students look for working methods to use Chegg services for free. The good news is that there are ways you can access Chegg answers for free. The only thing required of you is to follow every step and method listed in this article. That said, we might as well get down to the reason you are reading this - how to get Chegg Answers for Free in 2023.

How to unblur Chegg Answers for free 2023

In case you have tried getting answers on Chegg before reading this write-up, you would have noticed that on a free account or a guest account, all answer to the question you ask on the website are blurred. The only reason for this is because you cannot access Chegg answers unless you have a subscription . The methods below will show you how to bypass this restriction and unblur Chegg answers.

How tounblur Chegg Answers for free 2023
How to unblur Chegg Answers for free 2023

1. Use Chegg Free Trial

Like many other platforms that offer premium services at monthly or yearly fees, Chegg also offers free trial premium services. This offer is only available for new users who have not used the website's premium services before.

There is no easier and faster way to get Chegg Answers for free than this. Besides the free trial period has an impressive 4-weeks (28 days) duration after which you have to subscribe. However, you can get a lot done within the said 28 days with full access to the website's extensive library of books and experienced tutors.

Keep in mind that although you can access solutions to your questions for free on Chegg during the free trial period, you still have to pay to rent or buy textbooks on the website. Besides that, you have free access to all Q/A ever posted on the website, free access to question solutions from online tutors and answers to tough questions from an expert in the particular subject or course especially if you could not find the answers you need in the Q/A database.

Activating the free trial is very simple. All you have to do is create an account on the website and you automatically get 28 days to try out the website's services.

Sign up for Free Trial Now

2. Join Chegg Communities on Social Media

This is the second-best way to get answers for free on Chegg. Depending on where you look, there are some networking websites such as Quora, Facebook, Reddit, etc. that lets people on the same platform create a community to talk to one another more easily.

Joining these communities is a 100 percent guaranteed way to connect and interact with people that already have a Chegg subscription. All you have to do is join the communities and ask for help. If you ask nicely, you would find someone ready to help you get the answers from Chegg.

3. Search for Answers on Google

Let's face it, Google is still the undisputed biggest and most used search engine right now and for good reason. Every keyword search using Google usually comes with thousands of search results. In case you have difficultly solving a question, you can simply search the question on Google. The search results will include answers from Chegg, Quora, and other websites similar to Chegg. All you have to do is find the search result with the answer that directly answers the question.

NOTE : This is not a guaranteed method to find a solution to tough assignments but it can also help.

4. Try Chegg Alternative websites

Chegg is not the only website that provides educational help to college students. In fact, some websites even provide this help for free. From answers to your Maths assignment to essay solutions to your History homework, these websites can be very handy. Some of the websites listed below even let you download textbooks also available on Chegg at no cost.

NOTE: All the websites listed below copy Chegg answers for you. What this means is that while it is safe to use, these websites are illegal. This is why Chegg continues to close these clone websites for hosting their answers and content.

i. Slader - Chegg Answer Link

i.   Slader
i. Slader

Slader has the best layout of all the Chegg alternatives and hosts more content downloaded from Chegg than any other website on this list.

ii. StudyLib - Chegg Answer Link

ii.   StudyLib
ii. StudyLib

This website offers you access to a huge online library where you can get books that will help you solve any question you have.

The website features a search bar where you can type any question you have. The search results would then bring answers very related to the question.

iii. PaperHelp - Chegg Answer Link

iii.   PaperHelp
iii. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is not free though. It also does not copy or host Chegg answers and content. It is a premium platform where you must have a subscription to questions you have. It has different tier and prices which is pretty similar to Chegg. The only drawback is that getting answers to questions is not as fast as Chegg's. That aside, PaperHelp's subscription prices are way cheaper than that of Chegg.

iv. CourseHero - Chegg Answer Link

iv.   CourseHero
iv. CourseHero

CourseHero gives you access to over 30 million study resources and materials such as study guides, class notes, and many more. There are different ways you can access your desired answer. You can decide to type in the question you have in the search bar provided or you can decide to enter the name of your school and the specific course you have an assignment from.

v. CrazyforStudy - Chegg Answer Link

Last on the list of Chegg Alternatives is CrazyforStudy. The website has more than 50 million books and study materials. There is almost no question you would not find a solution to on the website. You have to pay a token of $3 monthly to enjoy the services of the website.

NOTE : Looking for a free Chegg accounts username and password does not work. There are two reasons for this:

i. There is a big chance the free account username and password have already been claimed by another person who has since changed the password of the account. The implication of this is that you could spend hours trying out different usernames and passwords and still end up with no premium Chegg account.

ii. Many of these accounts and passwords are just normal accounts created with no subscription on them except with the free trial benefits which become void within 28days of creating the account.


All the methods mentioned above would get you answers to any question you have from school and help you save money. One last method that was not discussed above is the use of websites that already have a Chegg subscription.

There are various reasons why these websites have them. The biggest of them all is that they want to generate more traffic. However, there is no denying that using them can be helpful. One thing you should note with these websites is that it takes time to get the solutions you want. Regardless of this, they still help you get free Chegg answers without a subscription.

Hope this helps!

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