Best Alternatives to Kik Messenger App in 2023

by Rachel Garza

Kik Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps back in 2016 and 2017, its user base has now significantly reduced. This situation is not because of a decline in the quality services one stands to enjoy by using the app but simply because better-messaging apps and platforms are currently in the market.

Although Kik user base has become somewhat saturated, it's biggest user base still comes from the US. One of the reasons why Kik messenger quickly acquired a big user base was as a result of a unique feature it has called "anonymous chatting". While this feature was its biggest selling point, it also became its biggest flaw. The reason for this is because this feature quickly became a method of creating spam accounts as well as a way for underage kids to use the platform.

Best Alternatives to Kik Messenger App

The sudden rise of spam Kik accounts made it uncomfortable for a lot of Kik messenger app users. This resulted in many people dumping the app and looking for alternatives. The mere fact that you are reading this means you still love the Kik messenger app you signed up for when it was just released.

The good news is there are a good number of top Kik messenger app alternatives. We will be sharing our top 7 best Kik messenger App 2023 below:

1. WhatsApp - Messenger App Link


Developer : Whatsapp Inc.

Compatibility : iOS 7.0 or Higher, Android 4.0 or Higher

Availability : iOS, Android

WhatsApp's primary use is as a communication platform. This is why it is currently one of the most popular and most used messaging apps. It dominates every other competitor in the market with wide margins.

As a result of its dominance and popularity, it was Facebook acquired the platform in a mega-deal making it a Facebook-owned platform with lots of features to enjoy.

Besides texting on the app, it also lets you send any type of media files to any recipient of your choice. There is even a feature that lets you make video and voice calls on the app. One of the reasons why the app continues to gain more users is that it is not jampacked with too many unnecessary features. This means it does not require many resources to work on your smartphone.

WhatsApp also has a desktop client that only works once sync it with the WhatsApp app on your smartphone. The app also has two-step verification to ensure the maximum security of your WhatsApp business account.

Taking all these into consideration, WhatsApp is an overall betters alternative to the Kik Messenger app.

2. FacebookMessenger - Messenger App Link


Developer : Facebook

Compatibility : iOS 5.0 or Higher, Android 2.1 or Higher

Availability : iOS, Android

There cannot be much talk about social media messaging apps without mentioning Facebook. Other than the fact that it currently owns one of the most popular texting apps, WhatsApp, in the world right now, Facebook has a big user base of its own.

When the Facebook platform was first developed, you only need to install the app to chat with your friends. Over the years and after studying its community reactions, Facebook released its own Messenger App. This messenger app has similar features as the Kik Messenger app and has a very small size.

The Facebook Messenger app lets you create an account and profile even if you are underage and pretending to be an adult. The main reason for this is because you only need a mobile number to open an account with which you can chat with anyone regardless of where they are in the world.

3. Viber

Developer : Viber Media

Compatibility : iOS 6.0 or Higher, Android 4.0 or Higher

Availability : iOS, Android

Loaded with lots of impressive useful features to make texting easier, Viber has a lot of things that make it a fantastic messaging app.

Viber has a lot of similarities with Skype as it offers features such as and Voice and Video calling. Viber even lets you create a profile and account with only your phone number. This helps to keep people from creating a spam account as you have to enter the verification code sent to your phone number before account registration is deemed complete.

Viber also lets you share media files with your friends and loved ones. It also supports the use of stickers as well as emoticons which makes it a close competitor to WhatsApp. All you have to do to send stickers to your loved ones is to download a complete set of stickers you want.

NOTE: Some of the stickers and emoticons on Viber are not free to download. You have to pay a fixed fee to unlock them.

The last thing to note is although Viber supports worldwide support, not many use the app. The good news is that the app's user base is starting to grow.

4. Line

Developer : LINE Corporation

Compatibility : iOS 7.0 or Higher, Android 4.0 or Higher

Availability : iOS, Android

Another cool messaging app on the list is Line. Line comes the closest to Kik messenger alternatives. There are over 500 million downloads on just the Google PlayStores not to talk of the millions of downloads it also has on the Apple App Store.

Line has a lot of similarities with WeChat, another good messaging app. Some of the services Line offers includes voice and video calling, group chat, unlimited messaging, and many more. There is also support for stickers as there are loads of stickers for you to download and send to your friends. it also lets you share post and photo updates with your friends and loved ones.

Line also shares similarities with Instagram as it allows you to connect with many of your favorites celebrities by following their official account.

NOTE: Making voice or video calls require you to pay a certain fee.

5. Kakao Talk

Developer : Kakao Corporation

Compatibility : iOS 7.0 or Higher, Android 4.0 or Higher

Availability : iOS, Android

KakaoTalk might not boast millions of active daily users like social media apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram. It even only has a little over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. What it does have is its direct similarities with the Kik messenger app.

If you are a loyal Kik Messenger app user, you will quickly love the app. One of the best things we love about the app is that it does not require many resources to run. It will work even if you have a slow internet connection.

You can send messages to your friends and even make calls to them via the app for free. it comes with some set of emoticons that you can expand by purchasing more from the app's emoticon store.

KakaoTalk even comes with a feature called FaceTalk that lets you video call anyone you want.

NOTE: To make video and voice calls, you must have a stable 3G network connection.

6. WeChat

Developer : WeChat

Compatibility : iOS 7.0 or Higher, Android 4.0 or Higher

Availability : iOS, Android

WeChat is a messaging app more popular in China even though it has about a billion active monthly users in the world. It is a very good app to send messages especially if your recipient is in China. This is because it has an auto translator to translate any message typed in Chinese to English. This feature is why WeChat is the go-to app whenever one is making product transactions with sellers based in China.

Other engaging features on WeChat include voice and video calling, group video calling, media sharing, and many more. it also has some features such as a Discover tab where you can make friends.

Overall, WeChat is the best app to connect with strangers and new people without prior knowledge of who they are.

Bonus App: Snapchat - Messenger App Link

Bonus App: Snapchat
Bonus App: Snapchat

Snapchat is another impressive messaging app that we cannot just overlook. The main reason it does not make the top 7 best messenger apps like Kik is that not much of chatting is done on the app. What this means is that it is not your traditional go-to app if you want to message your friends. However, it has an incredible user base with billions of people have the app on their smartphone.

Snapchat lets you snap photos or capture videos which you can then upload for your friends to react to. Until Tik Tok became your go-to app to make your videos go viral, Snapchat helped some comedians and individuals gain popularity.

Now you must be waiting for the Kik connection Snapchat has right? Well, here it is! While Snapchat does not have any anonymous feature, any message you send gets deleted as soon as the recipient views the message.


There you have it. Any of the apps mentioned above will get the job done for you in terms of exchanging texts with your friends. Some of them bear close similarities to the feature that made Kik messenger app popular. There are many other social media apps better than Kik that also lets you send messages to your friends. However the ones mentioned above have some features similar to the ones you would find on the Kik Messenger app.

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