How to Make a PayPal Account without Credit Card 2023

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by Rachel Garza

How to Make a PayPal Account without Credit Card 2023 - Nowadays people have an array of choices for making online transaction. Credit card, debit card, and other payment services are available.

One of the most common payment services is PayPal, in which it offers convenience to make a purchase or other online transactions. This leads to the increase of more and more new PayPal accounts each year.

Good news, opening PayPal account does not require a credit card. How to make a PayPal account without credit card 2023? Creating PayPal account is so easy it does not involve a complicated process.

Why the Need to Making a PP Account without a CC?

Why the Need to Making a PP Account without a CC?
Why the Need to Making a PP Account without a CC?

First, I would like to welcome you on finding and arriving on this trusted page, the best for all of what you need to know. At the present time, if you come to find out How to Make a PayPal Account without Credit Card, you come to the right page of my site. Never think too much that unusual thing is uncommon as well such as to register PayPal account without credit card since normally you need a credit card to complete the registration.

Aimed to be the best electronic payment gateway, as in the description on this site, PayPal becomes so much popular among the businessmen in these recent years. Since most of their business are separated by very long distance, which means from country to country, they use PayPal to enable them making online transaction using PayPal.

How to Make a PayPal Account without Credit Card 2023

The big questions are how to register PayPal account. If you have none credit card, can you still sign up for Paypal? What are the procedures that follows? Is it advantageous? Let’s start one by one below.

You not needing to provide credit card to create PayPal account makes this payment service a favorite around the globe, particularly the United States.

It is convenient that you can purchase products or transfer money through PayPal without having to worry about a credit card. Not to mention it does not charge extra cost for certain transactions you have made.

Thing to note, a functioning PayPal account requires a bank account to process any transaction you make. In the account making process, you need to link the PayPal with primary bank account. To create an account without a credit card, follow the steps below.

How to Make a PayPal Account without Credit Card 2023 the Right Way

How to Make a PayPal Account without Credit Card 2023 the Right Way
How to Make a PayPal Account without Credit Card 2023 the Right Way

PayPal provides convenient payment service that allows you to sell or purchase items for online business. The financial service also provides the special account for business owners that allows you to send invoices and accept payments on website.

To perform this activity, you only need to sign up for an account. If you ever consider the sign-up requires a credit card, it may sound relieving that the process needs only bank account.

This makes PayPal accessible by almost anyone as long as your name is registered in the bank. How to make a PayPal account without credit card 2023?

There are two main steps you need to do before using PayPal account. First, you need to create the account. In this process, provide information such as email, password, name of account, your name, and others. Second, link the account you have created with existing bank account.

This is essential since you can not use PayPal before being linking it with a bank account. To make everything easier, here are steps to make and link PayPal account.

Create an account

There are procedures to sign up for PayPal. First, prepare your email address to register PayPal. It will be your special email account only to register PayPal. Second, move your fingers to click and directly click “sign up” on the right corner of the screen. Third, type your email address in the column email provided. Next, type your password of your PayPal account

This is the first step before you can use the account. To create your own PayPal account, follow the steps below. Make sure you have prepared bank check and email address.

  • Access PayPal official website, choose Sign Up. Find PayPal for Business and Nonprofits section, click Get Started.
  • Choose Standard plan which is free and facilitates you to accept credit card payment and PayPal payment through your website. Click Apply Now.
  • Click Create a New Account to sign up for an account and go to form page.
  • Select business type you have either individual or partnership.
  • Provide your email address and password. This password must be between 8 to 20 characters. Adopt the password comprising over 6 letters or numbers long to strengthen it.
  • You also need to choose questions and answers for security. The questions help PayPal make sure it is really the owner who accesses the account. This also allows PayPal to recover your password in case you forget the password.
  • The page will provide an image and choose Enter the Code. Click Continue.
  • Provide the account name. The name will appear on your customer payment pages. You may choose either your own name or your business name for this section.
  • Next, you need to provide information about your business. It includes the date of establishment and business website (if any). Enter the URL in the provided field if your business has one.
  • Choose business type or category according to items you sell. Answer questions about average amount of transaction and payment volume each month.
  • The next step is to enter your name, physical address, and phone number. Choose “Agree and Continue” to process. The website will proceed your application to create an account.
  • Open your email as you have provided during sign-up. PayPal will email containing a specific link. Click the link you find in the email and you will return to PayPal website for confirmation.

Please have a look on the last sentence above. The sentence is "link up your new PayPal account with your credit card or bank." Thus, you can see that you need a credit card to have a link with your PayPal account.

Now the question is, can you register PayPal account without a credit card? In India, no credit card required to register PayPal account. Yes, it’s true. The procedures are:

  • Link your bank account
  • Open 'profile' at the top of the page and find 'Update bank account' click it for sure.
  • There will be account types to choose, select yours for example saving or checking. Type your account number and nine digit routing number in the required column. An account number comprises 16 digits number long.
  • Point 'continue' to link your bank account to your PayPal account.

Skip the step of linking the PayPal account with the credit card. You can either link the bank account or the debit card. You need only to wait 5-7 working days. Thus, it’s clear you can still do your business and the transaction online within PayPal account without a credit card.

This is the end of creating PayPal account. However, the process does not stop here. Even though your PayPal is already active, there is one more thing you have to do—linking the account with a real bank account.

The next process of how to make a PayPal account without the credit card 2023 is by linking your accounts. This allows you to enjoy all the features provided by PayPal at its most. How to link the accounts? It does not involve complicated steps as you will get it done before realizing.

  • Visit PayPal website, log in to your account by entering an email address and password.c
  • Find your Profile (top of the page), choose Update Bank Account.
  • Select account type, either checking or savings. Enter bank account number and 9-digit routing number in the provided fields. The account numbers are commonly 17 digits or fewer, meanwhile the routing number is commonly on the left side of the check. If you are not sure, ask bank customer service.
  • Click Continue to process. In a few seconds, you have successfully linked your PayPal account to a bank account.

Since you cannot use PayPal account before adding bank account, now you are okay to make any transactions after linking the accounts.

This is how to make a PayPal account without a credit card 2023 the right way. You may provide several active bank accounts, but PayPal will only require one as a primary account.

All transactions you make will go to the primary account therefore you need to make sure the balance is sufficient for transactions.

How to Make a PayPal Account without Credit Card 2023 and Benefits

How to Make a PayPal Account without Credit Card 2023 and Benefits
How to Make a PayPal Account without Credit Card 2023 and Benefits

Do you ever wonder why many people out there are creating a new PayPal account? What are the benefits of this payment service?

If you run an online business, you will find out how versatile and convenient PayPal is. This service provides fast and easy way to make online transactions, allowing you to sell or buy goods through websites.

After knowing how to make a PayPal account without a credit card 2023, this is time to convince yourself why creating PayPal will bring convenience to your business and websites.

Fast and secure payment

PayPal offers the convenient way to make online transactions. Selling, purchasing, and transfer money is never this easy. The transactions is processed within minutes, therefore you need not wait any longer.

In addition, there is nothing to worry about security. Your account has features with the security system that ensures your transaction is safe. It is you and only you who can use the account.

Wide coverage

When having PayPal account, it allows you to pay any favorite goods at online stores in the United States and around the globe. There are no less than 203 global markets that accept transactions through PayPal—without converting currency.

This is a benefit you should never miss when having PayPal account. Purchasing goods from the other part of the globe is easier with PayPal.

Just choose the payment method you have and use it to make the purchase, pay the bills and transfer money. Paypal has multiple method of payment, wherever and whenever you are, you can always shop.

Free to sign up

Another benefit provided by PayPal is that it is 100% free to sign up. PayPal is available for anyone as it does not require a complicated process and requirements for sign up.

As aforementioned on how to make a PayPal account without a credit card 2023, you only need to access the official website, provide email and other information, make the confirmation, and link your PayPal with a bank account. Now, your PayPal is ready to use.

Suitable for recurring payment

If you have monthly bills, PayPal helps you make a monthly payment with ease. Paypal would automatically post for your subscriptions and bills. No need to worry about being forget to make the payment. This gives you peace of mind. Contact your bank and decide the monthly payment date.

Easy access to Funds

Once your PayPal get linked to your bank account, you can withdraw money using PayPal.

Fees and freezes

There is a fee in any transaction you make by PayPal. The fees can be high and low depends on the bank regulation. Your PayPal account can also freeze anytime for almost as many reasons.

After knowing How to Make a Paypal Account without Credit Card 2023, some advantages also come along with. Take this into account. The ease we received to get the flexible payment now available in any method. We can still use Paypal without the need of a credit card. It proves that Paypal is the best online payment method. The users of Paypal are much larger than those of other users. It means that Paypal has a specialty of its own.

Easy to use

The last but not least, PayPal is definitely easy to use. You can either makes purchase or send money in the US. There is no extra cost during your transactions.

Either you are a seller or buyer; your PayPal account will improve your experience in making online transactions.It has been clear enough that PayPal account is a breakthrough for online business.

This payment service makes you easier in sending money, purchasing or selling goods through websites.How to make a PayPal account without credit card 2023is so easy that anyone will make their own account.

Not to mention the versatility to use it for purchase either in the US or across global markets. Waiting no longer, enhance your online transaction experience by creating PayPal account.

Conclusion on How to Make a PayPal Account without Credit Card 2023

Overall, everyone would not feel disappointed to use PayPal as an electronic payment. Its benefits and its specialty make everyone know how easy and applicable PayPal is. It is also very helpful to develop anyone’s business with oversea customers. Therefore, it is very considerable for you to Create Paypal Account without Credit Card 2023, to develop and broaden your business in which network is the main source here.

If you have not yet started an overseas business, then why don’t you build it up soon with PayPal? I feel sure you have an idea to start an overseas online transaction, first, then after that you will start your business.

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