Fingerhut Alternatives to “Buy Now Pay Later” with NO Credit Check in 2023

by Rachel Garza

Are you a shopper online, looking for a site that allows you shop with an alternative of paying later?. Are you looking for stores like the popular Fingerhut?. Then, you have visited the right article as we explore and talk, about stores like that all with no credit check.

Why a Need for Fingerhut Alternatives to Buy Now Pay Later?

If you are a buyer, who have gotten stuffs from sites like eBay, Walmart and co. You will know they provide buyers with literally everything they need. They also help with deliveries of paid products to your door step. But what do they all have in common when it comes to payment. You either take one of the two options pay to the delivery man or pay online. That means, you can't have your products if you don't pay immediately. This might be a problem for users. Who can't afford to pay immediately but need it urgently. This site are not willing to part away with their goods without money being paid. That's where sites like Fingerhut comes into play.

They specialize in providing users ability to buy their products now and pay the bill later. They provide common retail items you will find on sites like eBay, Amazon etc. But the main feature that should interest you, is the buy now and pay later feature. Well, if you don't like Fingerhut, we still have lots of similar sites. Who offer better prices and more varying types of items. You will get to know them more as your read the article.

But for those who are new to sites like this. Let's quickly take a look at Fingerhut. And learn more about why you should try it before looking at the alternatives.

What is FingerHut

What is FingerHut
What is FingerHut

This is a site whose motto is 'buy now, and pay later'. They work with customers who can't afford to pay now due to some unforeseen circumstances. And they need the product urgently. They provide an option of paying for the product bill in monthly installments. Offering their users over 800,000 variety of items. Be it clothing, health, sport, fitness, toys, automotive, electronic, home categories.

It's quite easy for customers to join Fingerhut. You simply visit the website and apply. After you have been given an approval, you can start purchase immediately. No membership fees required, no over limit fees paid for, no annual hidden fees. Though, the interest increases with each passing month. There is alos late fees, if you fail to comply to pay later on time.

Fingerhut is known to offer its users a monthly plan offer. You might love their credit limit and the products available on their site. But no site is perfect.

That's why we have gone to look for the best alternatives to Fingerhut for you. We have included what they sell, the requirements for applying, payments options.

Sites Similar to Fingerhut

1. Gettington


Having been found and established in the year 2009. This site has made it, its mission to cater for users shopping experience. Over time they grown to be one of the biggest site. Having to rival Fingerhut as one of the best. They offer lots of discount and offers to users. Which boosts their sales and attracts lots of users to their site.

Gettington are known to add new products on a daily basis to their site. They have a huge variety of goods with different categories. You can buy anything you can draw your mind to on this site. They offer one of the best credit system amongst sites like this. And payment of bills is made easy in instalments for users.

Features of Gettington

  • Products sold on Gettington includes: Toys, Clothing, automotive, tools, jewelry, electronics and Home goods.
  • Fees associated with Gettington include fge following:
  • Returned payments: $40
  • Non-variable APR around 30%
  • Minimum interest on each product bought without paying: $0.50
  • Late payments fee if you fail to comply to agreed date: $40
  • No annual fee or over-limit fee charged by the site.
  • Other requirements on Gettington include:
  • Do you requires credit check? Yes
  • Other application requirements needed before applying for Gettington includes the following:
  • U.S address
  • Birthdate
  • Annual Income
  • Phone number
  • Social Security number
  • Payment plans associated with Gettington:

You are required to pay a minimum payment which will be equal to 5.5% on the account you registered. Or you pay $20, or which of the two plans that is greater.

Check out Gettington here.

Country Door


Quite similar to Fingerhut when you visit the site. Its main focus is home decoration sales. Its not just a brand, its more than a brand. To know more about country door, read their blog and check out their catalog. These two features provides users with some unique and quality useful tips. These tips are for users to know how to go about decorating their home. What does it offer to users ?. They offer users of the site both a contemporary and classical choice of decor. So users can choose between classical decor or a more contemporary decor.

You as a user is bound to find everything from the seasonal update by the site to the daily products offered by the site. You tend to customize and personalize to your taste. One great thing about this site. When you make a purchase, chances are you will unlock special features to their club. Features like extra savings, certificates and coupons.

Features of Country Door

  • What does country door sell to users: Seasonal Items, gifts, furniture, rugs, windows, home decor, bed and bath, and kitchen and dining.
  • Fees associated with Country Door include the following:
  • Returned payments: Up to $25
  • They offer users Variable APR to make use of.
  • Late payments will be charged on all products that hasn't been paid for after the agreed time: Which is Up to $15
  • No annual fee or over-limit fee is charged by the site.
  • The Minimum interest charged by Country door is: Up to $1
  • Do you as a user require credit check? Yes
  • Other application requirements associated with Country Door includes the following:
  • It is mandatory you apply to the site before you can order anything.
  • You must be a U.S citizen with a U.S address in order to make use of this site.
  • Payment plans when using Country Door:

You are required to pay a minimum monthly payments. This is usually within the range from $20 to $110. This payment is dependant on your credit balance score. For users whose credit balance is well over $3,300, you will be required to pay at least 3.4% rather than paying a set amount like others.

Visit country door here.



Ginny's is here, do not despair. If I was the owner of Ginny that would be my motto. Why?, because Ginny's got you covered in every area you might think of as a buyer. If you are struggling to earn with the meagre payments. Ginny's here for you and they will provide all kind it items. Ranging from furniture, dineware, electronics, home decorations etc.

With its slick and easy navigateable site. A user friendly interface, buying now and paying later got better. You will enjoy your experience while on this site. They have a well sectioned and arranged catalog for users. Making it very easy to find products. The products they sell, is cool and within the range of an average budget.

Features of Ginny's

  • What does Ginny's sell to customers: Health and beauty items, home goods, electronics, gifts and toys, bed and bath, and Kitchen and dining items.
  • Fees associated with Ginny's include the following:
  • You will be charged late payments after you fail to comply with the original payment date: Up to $15
  • Users are given a returned payments: Up to $25
  • The users are charged a minimum interest for each product bought on the site: Up to $1
  • They offer Variable APR for users.
  • No annual fee or over-limit fee charged by Ginny's.
  • Do you require credit check? Yes
  • Other application requirements associated with Ginny's include the following:
  • You must submit an application online while you order for your products.
  • Payment plans associated with Ginny's include:

o You are required a minimum monthly payment. This payment ranges from $10 to $105. Though, things are different if you have a credit balance that exceeds $3,300. This case, buyers are charged a minimum monthly payment of just 3.4%. So they don't pay any fixed amount.

Visit here Ginny's here.

In conclusion

These are the very few best stores that offers users with the 'Buy now, Pay later' option. I will recommend you check out these stores, including Fingerhut if are a newbie. You can still do some research of your own and find alternatives. But we have listed the very best alternatives you can find. Now you shop any time urgently and pay later for the products bought. Lest, we forget there are lots of stores out there. But they may not offer features or sell items that interest you. Anyways, try to shop safely and avoid scamming sites. Thanks for reading!!!

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