Best Free Proxy Server List in 2023

by Rachel Garza

We will discuss Proxy servers today and how to get a free proxy server. But firstly let's discuss Proxy server and reasons why we need them.

Reasons why you should use Anonymous Proxy Site

These are servers that act as a middleman between you(user) and the internet. They are tools that are used by individuals. These tools provide the users with various kinds of privacy, security, functions, and features. The choice of the proxy server depends on the wants and needs of the user(s) in question. They serve as a substitute to coverup for a user. These proxy servers function by substituting your IP address for another.

On the internet of today, we have various types of available proxy servers. These proxy are servers are usually used to access sites that are available for a particular region. Or to access sites that have been blocked by authorities. Students in school can make use of these proxy servers to access sites restricted by the school authorities. Employees can also make use of it to access sites blocked by employers.

We have what we call an anonymous proxy server (aka CGI-like). It works on the principle of a working CGI, as it masks your identity when you are online. Making use of this proxy server is as easy as ABC. You just connect to these proxy servers and browse normally.

Features of Anonymous Proxy Server

An anonymous proxy server is crafted in such a way to hide your IP address(usually the one provided by your native network provider). And also to boost your privacy and security on the internet. It also reroutes all your web traffic through various public servers on the internet.

These proxy server sites offer their users access to sites that are unavailable in their country or region. They do so by masking (CGI-effect) your IP address. Making it look like the IP address of the required region. Since it looks similar, the site accepts the user as am individual of that region.

Another feature of Proxy Server that is quite useful. As a user who wants to access a specific website but you can't. Being that the site is blocked, you can easily access the proxy site using the Proxy Server.

Best Free Proxy Server List in 2023

As a user, why do you feel you need an anonymous proxy server?. And what should you look out for?. Well, we have highlighted reasons for the "Why". In this section, we will discuss " What". You should pick a reputable and reliable Proxy Server. Pick Proxy Server that won't give you any form of issue while using it. To get the best out of the Proxy Server, you should upgrade from the free plan to a premium plan. The premium plan guarantees better performance and service to you (user).

1. Hidester


As a new proxy server in town. Hidester provides reliable support that secures and protects you. It protects you from malicious software online. With it's growing reputation, they have the quality service to back it up. It has features that let you decide if you want to allow cookies or not. It also provides options on if you want to accept or reject JavaScripts and if you are interested in encrypting your URL.

As a user of Hidester, you enjoy features like changing the operating system and browser you are using. For example, if you use chrome and an Android, you can change it to Mozilla and iOS. One unique feature that makes this proxy server one of a kind. It offers a password i.e Password generator function.


· Slick and User-Friendly interface. It makes it easy to navigate.

· It provides reliable and quality services.

· It offers web extension for chrome users.


· The extension services on chrome offered have some negative reviews.

· It is relatively new to the game. So it has some competition against some big guns in the industry.

· You might pay to have access to more locations/servers.

2. is one of the best sites to make use of as an individual. Their service is free and anyone can make use of it. Just like Hidester, Hide also lets users disable or enable cookies. Also enable or disable encryptions, scripts, and objects of site.


· Easy to use and navigate around. It enables the user to disable or enable web technologies of their choice.

· It's free to use.

· They offer reliable and quality VPN service. This service offered is free.

· The VPN offered contains no annoying ads.


· The drawback to the free VPN is that the service only provides meager limited 2GB of data transfer.

· Another drawback of using this service includes you cannot access Netflix content.

· Limited server is available for use.

3. ProxySite


The ProxySite is a good site to pick when picking a proxy server. The proxy server can be used for any site including YouTube. There are a lot of various servers on this app. Just like other proxy servers, you can control cookies, scripts, and objects either by enabling or disabling. ProxySite tends to block ads in its proxy. They allow user yo change the server to their choice. Even you can change it at any point in time.


· You are provided with the option to block ads that pop-up.

· They offer a large number of proxy servers you can alternate at any time.


· No significant negatives encountered when using this web proxy.

4. KProxy


KProxy offers something entirely different from all other listed proxy servers. It's unique in such a way that you can hide the entire menu. The menu that shows at the top of the screen. While other proxy server site makes it hard to navigate the screen. By placing the menu where it inconveniences the users. KProxy doesn't do that.

One other feature that users enjoy while using KProxy. It's the benefit to switch between up to 10 different proxy servers. This is to allow users to continue browsing after being banned site. You can instantly switch to a new server and continue your browsing. One unique feature that you will scarcely find in another site. They provide small apps that help keep you anonymous in all your activities online. When you make use of the Chrome or Firefox browser.

The app is quite analogous to a VPN. It works slightly differently by working when browsing using apps like Chrome and Firefox only.


· The proxy menu can be made invincible.

· Quick switch between servers.

· Extensions provided for Chrome and Firefox browser.


· The free version's extension can only last 30mins. To enjoy longer minutes you will have to upgrade.

· Limitations on the free version can be an inconvenience.

5. VPNBook


VPNBook is another name on the list. It's one of the proxy servers that have free service and are much easier to use. You will enjoy using this proxy server. One feature that makes it different from others, is it supports the use of HTTPS. They make use of a 256-bit encryption tool to keep you hidden. You can pick 3locations for your server. This location includes U.K, Canada, and the USA. You can switch between different browsers while using the app. One drawback of this app includes, you are unable to make so decisions. Like you can't enable or disable cookies, encryption, and object.


· VPNBook supports the use of HTTPS.

· It offers various kinds of servers for you to make use of.


They don't provide options to enable or disable server menus.

Ads can be a hindrance.

They provide a few numbers of a limited proxy server.

6. Megaproxy


When selecting a proxy server, you should always check out Megaproxy. It has some scintillating features that make is different from others listed here.

This feature includes offering user ability to enable or disable the following:

1. OS

2. Browser app identity

3. Ads that popup while you use it.

4. Cookies that are stored in the system.

This site is free and requires no signup. It has its drawbacks, as you cant do the following

1. The proxy server cannot be used to fill forms online.

2. You can't download large files.

3. You as a user can't view more than 60pages in 5hours.

4. You can't block JavaScript.


· Users have the option to disable ads that popup.

· You can switch between browsers apps and the identity OS


· Due to a limited number of downloads, you can't watch movies online(stream).

· Minute file download size and you are allowed to view only.

In conclusion,

So with this article, you should have any idea what proxy servers are and how they function. You should try them out and find the one that suits you. Or you can have all of them on your device and use them interchangeably. These are the best proxy server you will find on the net today. I hope this article has helped a lot. If you enjoyed reading it, then I hope you have gotten a few number knowledge n

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