How to Make the Most Money With Uber in 2023

by Rachel Garza

Being an Uber driver is no small deal. We all have heard news about how money Uber drivers have been making. It is now preferred over small entry level jobs because of how much one can earn from it. The amount you earn differs from driver to driver. There is no fixed amount and it greatly varies. It was found that one driver made $568.39 in just seven days. Although, it comes as no surprise since it was in December but still it is a whooping amount. On the other hand, it was found that one man makes a striking $252,000 a year just by keeping jewelry with him while driving and selling it to his passengers. One thing is for sure that there has to be certain tricks or ways in which an Uber driver can make such a huge amount. Uber does provide a detailed video in which it informs how drivers can make more money simply by either keeping a spare charger or by having extra water bottles. All these small acts are positively received by passengers which ultimately results in them giving the drivers 5 stars. All the tricks that Uber provides are very handy but they are limited. There has to be more.

Best Tips to Make the Most Money Working for Uber in 2023

The ways listed below guides how Uber drivers can make the most money by simply doing the following things.

1. Keep snacks and water at hand

Keep snacks and water at hand
Keep snacks and water at hand

Drives can be long and passengers can be stressful. It is advised that as a driver you should always have spare water bottles and snacks while driving. The food and water are not for the passenger. It is for yourself. Drives can be lengthy and traffic can be difficult. It is not possible or convenient to stop for either of the amenities. Therefore, it is best to have these at an arm's length. You can either buy these things before accepting a ride or immediately after ending a ride. Lack of food and water can make you dehydrated and low on energy levels. This can negatively affect your performance as a driver. It is very difficult to stop when you are already in the middle of the ride. Passengers can mind since it will consume time and can make them late. Similarly, you do not want the hassle of an angry, irritated passenger who cannot wait for the ride to end so he or she can give you a bad rating and review. So, it is best to keep all these with you beforehand and utilize them whenever deemed necessary.

2. Know the local bathrooms

This is a vital need that simply cannot be ignored. You will need to use the restroom and it is best to know where it is. Drivers usually pick up rides around the area they are most comfortable with and have complete knowledge about the routes of that area. Except for knowing the routes and the shortcuts that will get your passenger to their location in the shortest time possible, it is also necessary to know the local restrooms. Bathroom breaks are necessary and if you are following trick number 1 and keeping yourself hydrated, it is going to happen more often. The first step is looking for a local bathroom that is free of any charges and also offers free parking. This is how you save up on money and cut off extra expenses. There are few places that offers both of these when it comes to their washrooms. Starbucks and Whole Foods are some of those places that does not charge you for using their restrooms. However, when it comes to parking you might have to research a bit more. Suburban Starbucks offer free parking but you might have to look into more depending on your locality of driving.

Know the local bathrooms
Know the local bathrooms

3. Do not follow the masses

As a driver when you are picking up a ride, there are several recommendations from the application that advises you which location to confirm a ride from. These locations are based on the highest demand of rides. If there is a festival, a show or anything that has a huge crowd looking to book a ride, Uber automatically recommends these hot spots. It directs all nearby Uber drivers towards those locations. However, the reality is a bit different. Even though you might accept a ride from a very populated and high demand place thinking the fare would be high, the reality differs. Since all the drivers in the nearby area are directed towards that place, the fare you get paid falls. There are much higher fares for other places where it is less crowded and not many drivers are present. So, in a situation like these where you are recommended to pick a ride from one of the hot spots, just don't! It might look lucrative but it is not. Instead it is better to accept a ride that is in a less crowded area as that can benefit you more.

4. Take advantage of surge fares

Like every other application that is out there even Uber has its loopholes. There is a trick that you can use to surge fares and make the most of it. The first part is knowing the times when fares will soar. You can easily know this through gathering up information by picking up rides for a couple of days. That will be one way how you can know what places at what time slots have very high fares. Another way of knowing this is by simply asking. All clubs and pubs have their customers leaving in order to get back home through a cab. The peak time is 2-2:30 am. This is when people leave and start to book a ride. The next step is to log out of your application sometime before the peaking time slot. For instance, you can log out around 1:45 am and then log back in around 2 am. What this will do is that since you switched off your accepting rides option, it limits and reduces the number of available drivers. When there is a lesser number of drivers, fares automatically surge. So, in order to avail this, all you have to do is log out before the peaking time slot and then log back in a couple of minutes ago. This will increase the fare you are paid while simultaneously stopping you from taking any rides before the peak time which can cause a hindrance in accepting the best paying rides.

5. Limit driving around aimlessly

Most Uber drivers are guilty of this. Driving around aimlessly in search of rides is something majority of the drivers do. Sometimes you are unable to find rides in the area you are so you think that maybe if you go around the town you might just get a ride. However, it is not a good idea. All it does waste your petrol, time and wears the tires. It is recommended to stay in the central area and keep a distance from all far away remote places. If you are in the central area, chances are that you will get a ride sooner or later. It is much better than just going around in circles. If the ride you have accepted is far away then there are chances that their drop off location would not be that far. As a driver you cannot know this beforehand since location is only disclosed once you have picked up your ride. This usually results in Uber drivers losing money. Sometimes even customers cancel the ride midway if it is taking too long or the driver is coming from someplace far.

6. Try making use of Uber's passenger application

As a rider you will have limited information. There will be one sided information that you cannot make much use of. As an alternative what you can do is download the Uber app from the passenger's point of view on another phone. This will help you in gaining both perspectives and help you in earning more money. From the passenger's app you can view where majority of the drivers are located. You can use this piece of information as a rider and select a ride where there is hardly any driver available. This will drive up your fare and help you earn more simply by making full use of it. Similarly, you can utilize the application by going to locations where there are not many people looking for a ride. A less populated area will also help you in gaining momentum. Also, the passenger application gets updated more quickly than the rider application. There is a slight delay of a few minutes which can also be used to your advantage.

The link above is a YouTube video where a man gives many ways in which you-as an Uber driver can make more money. It is detailed and very comprehensive. It is safe to say that there are numerous ways to make your driving experience much profitable. These tricks can come in handy and make you earn much more than you had originally anticipated.

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