Batman Arkham Games in Chronological Order - Latest Update

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We have always dreamed of having super powers. Superheroes are cool and are part of our entertaining lives. As kids, we have always dreamt of having our own powers. But as you age, you see life in a different way. Then, you will notice that some dreams are just dreams. The chances of it becoming reality is extremely low.

It All Begins with Batman Games in Order

As early as 2000, superhero genre has invaded the entertainment industry. They have become a success and are now trending. Even in the last decade, we have seen massive leap in the superhero genre.

As early as the 2000s, superhero video games didn't get enough hype as at now. The reason being other games that were released with it. Overshadowed the superhero games genre. So the hype and excitement surrounding it, didn't live long.

It All Begins with Batman Games in Order
It All Begins with Batman Games in Order

But towards the end of a decade, to be precise 2009 August. Something changed, that will forever change the gaming world of superhero genres. This game was released and became an instant success among game lovers. It was quite successfully that it birthed a release of series of that same game.

What was the name of this game?. Your guess is as good as right if you love playing video games. Its the Dark Knight himself, the vigilante of Gotham City. The Batman: Arkham Asylum, the first video game of superhero genre. To break records and break the mould attached to this genre. Achieving and surpassing what other games before it couldn't do. It added new life to the superhero genre of video game.

With its overwhelming success and popularity, the game birthed a franchise. Making fans eager and anxious about what each series will offer. This became the flag bearer of all superhero games that followed suit. Opening new path for them to thread.

Batman Arkham Games in Chronological Order (Latest Update)

This below list is tailored towards giving an overview, of what the complete series of the franchise has to offer. We will discuss the very first one released, down to the latest release. All in chronological order of events.

So these the Batman: Markham Asylum series with their dates

August 2009 | Batman: Arkham Asylum

August 2009 | Batman: Arkham Asylum
August 2009 | Batman: Arkham Asylum

As mentioned previously in this article, this is the game that brought the world superheroes into the video game world. The game was developed by a studio called Rock steady. At first it was made available for Windows OS, Xbox360 and PlayStation 3.

It was not available on other gaming platforms. Gaming platforms Luke MacOS, XboxOne and PlayStation 4. But 2 years later, it set it's base on MacOS. By 2016, it had officially been released on both Xboxone and PS4. So users could play it on multiple platform.

The very first one, the pathfinder. The light bearer. The game that changed everything for the world of superheroes in video game. The game is supported on multiple playing platforms. You can play it on your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4. Windows OS, MacOS, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

Storyline :

After the Dark Knight captures the clown Prince of Gotham, The Joker. He takes him down to Arkham Asylum. But that seems have a repercussion, as Batman has to restore sanity and order again. This occurs when the laughing Joker, orchestrates a prisonbreak from Arkham Asylum. He takes over the facility with the aid of some famous and dangerous villains. All from the comics strips of Batman.

The storyline is basically set in Arkham Asylum. It takes us through the jailbreak organized by the Joker. How other villains locked up by Batman himself in Arkham Asylum assist the Joker . For peace and sanity to return, Batman breaks into the Arkham Asylum. Tries to resolve the current crisis by bringing down the villains.

Gameplay and Layout:

The gameplay is simple but its full of combative action. Well executed storyline and lots of stealth action added to the game. There is a huge amount of gadgets you can pick from as a player. These gadgets have functions for different situation in the game.

The layout and walls of Batman: Arkham Asylum is full of details. These details are clues that make the adventure lively and interesting.

In terms of the game's gameplay, it doesn't disappoint one bit. Apart from the varying and huge amount of gadgets available for users. The game easily combines quick, impressive and easy combat with the earlier mentioned sequences. All of these actions are well executed while playing the game.

October 2011 | Batman: Arkham City

October 2011 | Batman: Arkham City
October 2011 | Batman: Arkham City

Following the unprecedented success and popularity the first of the series received. The second batch of the game was made. They called it Batman: Arkham City. It was released two years after the first installation. The game was made available similar platforms as the first one.

The first original release of the game was intended for the Xbox360, PlayStation 3 and the Windows OS. But by the following year, the game was made available in the Wii U and MacOS. By 2016, the developers of the game made it available for players who played games on PS4 and XboxOne.

The developers still in charge of creating this awesome game remains the Rocksteady Studio.


This batch follows up on the last storyline we had. It takes up after the events that had occurred in the Asylum. Some of the villains escape from the Asylum and take over a region of Gotham city. Turning this area into what birthed the name of the game Arkham City. These villains were led by the main antagonist Dr Hugo Strange. A comic character from the comic pages of Batman. He ran the city with the help of other villains, gangs and mercenaries. They capture Bruce Wayne and threw him into Arkham City.

Gameplay, Layout and Characters:

Some of the characters from the previous edition make appearance in this version. While a whole lot new characters were added to give it more action sequence. One particular character that stood out was Cat Woman. She is one of the playable individuals in the game. She offers something different from what Batman offers, she is mobile, agile and reach certain places our Dark Knight can't.

While for the Dark Knight himself, he got some sweet upgrades on his gadgets. And new additions to his gadgets. Apart from that he still remains the same Batman in the first edition.

The Gameplay remains the same, nothing has changed much in the mechanics of play. And there was a reduction in the detailing of the walls and the likes. This is because Arkham City is much larger than the Arkham Asylum.

October 2013 | Batman: Arkham Origins

October 2013 | Batman: Arkham Origins
October 2013 | Batman: Arkham Origins

After a long awaited third version of the series. Two years after the events of Arkham City, Arkham Origins was released. This was the third installment of the franchise and it didn't disappoint one bit.

This version was released for the following gaming platforms; PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and Windows. There is no version for the MacOS. As per the third entry of the franchise, it is quite different. It goes back in time before Arkham Asylum. The game developers changed from this version. The new game developers were the WB Montreal.

Storyline :

As the game begins to play, we are shown various snippets of the Dark Knight. As a young and tough Bruce Wayne in his vigilante duties.

Then we are introduced to the games main villain. He called himself the Black Mask. We are shown how he places a huge hefty amount of bounty on the Batman's head. This leads to, highly skilled and professional assassins to chase after Batman. The game makes emphasis on Bruce Wayne early career as a Vigilante. Introduces the assassins ordered by Black mask to get Batman.

Gameplay, Layout and Character:

For starters, the gameplay feels much more upbeat. As a player, you feel the gameplay is more engaging than previous installment. Though, it is still tailored towards the previous installment gameplay. Just added a little more, to make the game interesting. They added puzzles, new gadgets and trophies for players.

One drawback about the gameplay, it feels stale. As they copy the previous installment a lot. Reason, this part of the franchise suffered in the gaming market.

June 2015 | Batman: Arkham Knight

June 2015 | Batman: Arkham Knight
June 2015 | Batman: Arkham Knight

The latest of the franchise. And yes it came with its own bags and baggages. The newest version was named Batman: Arkham Knight.

The game was designed for consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, as well as Windows. However, the Windows version was subjected to backlash because of bad performance at launch.

This is the fourth game and at the moment, it is the latest in the main series.

This fourth entry was developed by Rocksteady Studios and released in 2015 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

Storyline :

The game picks up from where Arkham City ended. It starts from the end streets of Arkham and we are shown the streets of Gotham.

For starters, the villain of this part is the famous duo. Arkham Night and Scarecrow. With the former serving as the evil side of Batman.

As the crime rate reaches climax in Gotham City. A city wide order was issued to evacuate every citizen of Gotham City. As the threat posed by both duo of villains increases. The game is set in the evacuated city of Gotham, as Batman wrestles to get back his city.

Something new has been added to increase the fun of gameplay. The Batmobile which is an exciting new gadget. Drawback is, you can't skip sections of batmobile.

So basically, this part of the franchise follows up on events of Arkham City. As the terror spreads to Gotham City in full.

Gameplay :

Sadly, the mistakes from the former part was not corrected. The gameplay remained the same, which felt stale. Except for the addition of the Batmobile which made moving from one place to another fun. And combat with the Batmobile was an added fun. Though the gameplay was little bit refined around the edges.

In Conclusion

The Batman Franchise is a good game with lots of success. It's a video game you should definitely try out. Thanks for reading!!!.

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