Best Video Sharing and Upload Sites Like Youtube in 2023

by Rachel Garza

No one knew the growth of YouTube will be this exponential. But things changed for the better 2006, when Google bought the rights to YouTube.

The Rise of the Video Sharing Site

Now, YouTube has become of the leading global sites for watching videos of all kinds. You can watch the latest news, sport videos, teaching, cooking and to Video blogging. They have you covered with over billions of videos available for you. The traffick the sure generates on a daily basis is massive. Over millions of videos are being uploaded on the site daily. You can't ever get bored while this site. Sadly, it comes with flaws and drawbacks There are some policies, that are in place which shouldn't be.

Like the change in policy on the monetization of users account. This has changed a lot for users who have a career on YouTube. But recently other video sharing sites are trying to catch up with YouTube. So we have decided to wrote this article that describes alternative. Really, there is no harm in seeing out new stuffs. Just read the article below and enjoy.

Yeah, we know most likely everyone on earth knows what YouTube is and how it works. Its a video sharing site for content creators and people who want to enjoy themselves. You can watch the latest movie trailers, music videos and the likes.

Sites Similar to YouTube

1. Vimeo - Video Sharing Site


Well, this site is quite different from YouTube. As you can't find the latest movie trailers or latest trendy songs. But if you are looking for something refreshing, interesting and fun. Then this site is what you are looking for as an individual. When compared to YouTube, it has less inconvenient ads to YouTube. Unlike YouTube, users don't experience ads that play between a video. So there are less inconvenient ads for users to experience.

For users that are content creators who loves to upload a lot. For you, to enjoy this site to the fullest. You need to upgrade your account to a Plus plan. Though, you still have limitations on number of uploads. This ensures users only upload only quality content on the site. The site has partnered with some of the major studios. Even partnering with some major producers to provide users with HD quality contents. And the site is available for free. You will enjoy using this site as a content creator.

One great thing about Vimeo, it doesn't cap the length of video you can upload. Though, as mentioned earlier there is a limit on what you can upload depending on your plan. Another drawback using Vimeo. It doesn't offer monetization to users. Though it has a tip jar section for user's video below it.


  • There are two plans to register for as a user. The basic plan allows users to upload a video worth 500MB and 10Videos per week. While the plus plan which costs around $9.95 per month. Allows the users to upload up to 5GB worth of videos per week. Offer option of uploading 1080P HD videos.
  • The site interface is easy to access and navigate around.
  • It has friendly UI.

2. Flickr - Video Sharing Site


Though, this is not famous for it's video sharing. It is famous for it's photographs that makes its video sharing services go under the radar. But as a consumer of thus service, you have unlimited access to any randomly uploaded videos. All without have to pay for it. Only drawback about using this service, it lacks option to sort out the videos into categories. But it makes it up with a search bar section.

You might not enjoy this site like the others. This is because the site offers not only video sharing service. It is involved in photograph sharing. There are two plans available, the free plan which allows users upload up to 1 Terabyte. While for Premium users, there is no limit for uploads for users.


  • It has a search bar option that makes it easy to search for videos.
  • It has two plans. The free version and the premium version. The premium version has no limit on the number of uploads.
  • You may not find the video you might be looking for on this site. Since its not a purely based Video sharing.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Slick website design.

3. Vidlii - Video Sharing Site


Well, it is no longer news that Youtube doesn't treat its content creators well. The situation hasn't gotten better over time. And it looks it is getting worse with the policies being introduced. It seems YouTube ruthlessness on trying to stop communication between users doesn't bode well. Many of YouTube features that was on the previous version has been badly missed. But if you miss those old features, Vidlii makes it up for users. It feels like home when you visit this site. Vidlii is doing its best, to bring back some of these old features. Features Google has been on the constant removal of these essential features. Just visit the site and enjoy these old features.

The only drawback about this video sharing site is the disorganization. Though, this issue seems minor as it can be dealt with with time. The site is still new and growing. But it still lacks content for users. It's one of those promising site, that you definitely know will grow.


  • Well, it's pretty disorganized to some individuals.
  • It is pretty much a new site.
  • With time, they should improve on their policies.
  • Slick and easy to navigate website design.

4. Veoh - Video Sharing Site

Best Video Sharing and Upload Sites Like Youtube in 2023: Veoh
Best Video Sharing and Upload Sites Like Youtube in 2023: Veoh

Next on the list is this peer-2-peer technology. It's one of the best video sharing sites that we have online. You can share and upload videos easily. One unique thing, it is based on a decentralized technology. Well, there is little or no restriction and censorship on this site. Well, there are varying ways to make money on the site. Since you can monetize videos on the site. How do you make money from it?. You can either charge a fee on each video uploaded. Or you can be part of the community revenue sharing reward scheme. Unlike YouTube, where it is very hard for creative content creators to enjoy the limelight. But on this site, you can easily be noticed if you upload unique and high quality content. If you work and communicate well with the people in the community. You can make people notice you easily and make more money.

As a user on this site, there are two kinds of plans. Free account which you can upload upto 1 Terabytes worth of video. But if you want to enjoy unlimited uploads, then you upgrade to a premium account. One drawback about this site, is the slow loading time for videos. It sometimes takes up to 30seconds to load your content. Apart from that, nothing to complain about.

On this site, you can find a lot of diverse mixture and interesting users uploaded content. Even you can find studio contents on this site. Containing over millions of videos of all kinds. Videos like movies, shows, short videos and anime.

Sadly, there are some features that you can't have access to. Even if you are a premium users. These features are only available to citizens in USA. Though, you can enjoy other features from other regions of the world. And you can upload your videos for free.

On Veoh, you can upload as many videos as possible. And the length of the videos is not limited. It provides users with slick and streamlined interface. The unique social features offered by the site. It is great for many publishers and content creators. This way you can share all your videos to friends and family.


  • Some of the features are only available in USA.
  • No limit in the number of videos upload.
  • No limit on the length of video uploaded by users.
  • You can communicate with individuals of the community.
  • You can share links to videos to your friends.
  • Diverse mixture of videos to watch on the site.

5. Dailymotion - Video Sharing Site


After YouTube, the next most popular video sharing site is Dailymotion. It has a similar interface to YouTube and feels like it. With over a million users who login daily to the site. You are sure to get spoilt with lots of videos. And if you are a content creator, then this site is the best for you. You get lots of exposure and love from the community if you post unique contents.

As we said earlier, this site is for the content creators. But if you love posting lengthy videos on site like this. Then you need to upgrade to the Pro version of the site. This allows you upload up to 4Gb worth of video on the site.


  • They are less hard on users who male use of the site.
  • Their policy is not as strict as YouTube.

The site is simple and easy to navigate just like YouTube.

In conclusion,

The sites we have listed are the best alternatives to YouTube you should try out. We have searched all over the net. Just to get you the best of the best. Hope you try them out and enjoy yourselves. Thank you for reading!!!.

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