Best Backup Software for Windows PC in 2023

by Rachel Garza

Do I have anyone here who has once lost sensitive files and data due to a PC crash? Gather here for a selfie. I can relate with how vexed, frustrated and disoriented you were the minute it happened.

Why a Need for a Good Windows Os Backup Software?

Then, everything became crystal clear and the need to protect your sensitive files became top on your scale of preference.

Considering the awful reaction you wore on your face, a team of soloists won't be required to chorus the note and scales of warning to your hearing.

Nevertheless, if you haven't fallen victim to a PC crash, guess it's high time you considered getting a backup software. At a later date, which is very likely, you won't worry too much when your hard drive suddenly gives way.

And just so you know, there is free backup software you can always incorporate. Believe me you, the elements are very much ok. So installing a premium version might not be necessary.

List of Best Backup Software for Windows Pc in 2023

Let's not waste precious time. We've packaged, just for you, the best free backup software for windows.

Read on!

1. EaseUS Todo Backup - Software Link

EaseUS Todo Backup
EaseUS Todo Backup

This unrestricted backup software offers great features. You can;

· Backup every data, even a whole folder to a secure local drive or network folder.

· Save backup easily in cloud storage

· Also, back up a fragment or system drive.

Don't worry, it's consistent with windows 10 downwards.

As anticipated, the file back up comes in a blend of 3 forms;

· Incremental

· Differential- every half an hour

· Full- every week

The feature-flavored backup software allows you to conduct tailored backups anytime by default.

You have a bunch of system images and you're worried. Take it easy, you're safe as the free backup software gives you the rare opportunity of compressing all to acquire lighter space on the disk.

In addition you have all rights to;

· Splice enormous files into tidbits

· Put your data in lock mode by creating a password key to further enhance security.

One thing that got my attention about EASUS TODO BACKUP is that it gives a beautiful feature in free mode. The same feature you can only get in the premium version on another backup software.

What's this beautiful feature, you may ask. The power to clone the system disk to move your windows installation to another HDD or SSD. Learn how to use the software here.

2. Comodo Backup - Software Link

Comodo Backup
Comodo Backup

Besides the common stuff you get from other free backup software, Comodo backup offers free access to copy;

· registry entries

· System drives

· Disk partitions

· Browser info

· E-mails

More so, you get to decide where precisely you want to save your backup files, a local drive or cloud. Comodo backup gives full 3-month free trial version for cloud storage. Afterwards, you'd be requested to pay some cash monthly.

Though, the local drive is not such a bad idea. Saving files;

· Either on an internal and/or external hard drive

· Network folder are very much available too.

You may also be curious to know that it gives a rare option to forward your data and other stuff straight to your e-mail. How nice!

You could operate the backup freely; at interval of some minutes, seven days interval, or monthly. As you like. In search of a good video to help you? Check this.

3. Cobian Backup - Software Link

Cobian Backup
Cobian Backup

With Cobian, you can backup data using any of these locations;

· Local disk

· External drive

· A manual space

· Network share etc

It aids automated removal of empty folders from a backup so you don't lose space unnecessarily.

Do you prefer a full, differential or incremental backup? Cobian backup at your service head on!

A large file? It can be broken down into small bits to make it more accessible.

With this unrestricted backup software, you can determine to run the backup strategy;

· Right on startup

· Once and for all

· Daily

· Weekly

· Monthly

· Or even at interval of some minutes.

More so, Cobian backup is integrated with a feature of assigning backup priority, and send failed/success to an email address, and even operating a job as another user. Click for a nice video on all you need to know about the software program.

It works fine on Windows 10 to Windows XP. Try it out today and see how it goes.

4. Backup Maker - Software Link

Backup Maker
Backup Maker

Did you know that you can decide to add or take away data from backup either through file or folder name or the advanced filtering option, that is, using wildcard?

Yes, it's possible on Backup Maker and more details readily available. Like the simple nomination option which enables you to select files and locations to backup, for example, music, browser history, videos, and many other whatnots.

Interestingly, Backup Maker allows you to run the backup;

· On specific days of the week

· When you log on or log out

· Any number of minutes you set.

Though, it's not password enabled, however, it enhances;

· Splitting of huge files into smaller contents

· Encryption

· Operating missed tasks

· The usual compressibility feature

· The shortcut can be assigned and incorporated to help operate the backup process even without opening the page.

5. AOMEI Backupper Standard - Software Link

AOMEI Backupper Standard
AOMEI Backupper Standard

With AOMEI backup standard, you can clone a fraction, or the whole disk to another drive. Learn how in this video.

It brings four exciting backup options to your door-step. Here they are;

· Partition backup

· Disk backup

· System backup

· Folder or file backup

Check here for an exciting video on it.

This available backup software enhances;

· Encryption with password

· Custom compressibility factor setup

· Breaking down huge files into pieces of accessible info

· E-mail notification as soon as the backup process is done.

· Slating the backup process to a suitable time.

Its favorable with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

6. Hdclone Free - Software Link

Hdclone Free
Hdclone Free

Well, its got a free version but when comparing what it has to offer with the myriad of mouth-watering features embedded in premium, it's far behind.

Nonetheless, let's examine what it has in budget. See below!

· It supports Windows server and XP version

· You can also backup an entire drive

· Cool user experience.

The unrestricted version doesn't favor compressing files and encryption.

Additionally, it;

· Comes with the backup process.

· alternatively, operate a missed setup at startup and encryption.

Works fine on Windows 10, 8,7, Vista and even XP.

7. Everyday Auto Backup - Software Link

Everyday Auto Backup
Everyday Auto Backup

Talk of super-simplified free backup software. In just minutes, you can back up your files and folders to your preferred location. Only a few steps needed.

You can also wipe out a file and or folder from the backup effortlessly. Supports scheduling. See how it works in this video.

One drawback is, no password and/or encryption. But, it could be a blessing in disguise. Meaning, it creates a rare chance for you to make backup info the real files. So, you can view, and make corrections easily.

It can safely be installed on ;

· Windows 10,8,7

· Vista

· XP

· Windows Server 2003

· And more aged versions of Windows.

8. Genie Timeline Free - Software Link

Genie Timeline Free
Genie Timeline Free

No matter how sophisticated an app or tool is, the user-friendly criterion can't be overruled or pushed aside.

What's the essence of a tool with novel features but not user-friendly?

One great benefit Genie Timeline Free presents is its topnotch user-friendly aptitude.

Not just that, it can back up folders and/or files to a network drive or anywhere else you want it.

One unique thing about it is that you can follow-up the entire backup process directly from your iPhone or iPad using an iOS app. Superb!

Limiting factors;

· No scheduling or backup according to how you dim fit.

· No encryption or whatsoever.

To go around this, you've got to go for the premium version.

9. Paragon Backup and Recovery - Software Link

Paragon Backup and Recovery
Paragon Backup and Recovery

It may seem as if it has just about everything other free backup software offers. But, let me confess to you, it's embedded with some tricks you might want to know about.

Users can easily save backup images employing several configurations highlighted below.

· PVHD image file (an integration solely from the program)

· VMWare image files

· Microsoft PC image file

Lastly, it comes with a somewhat big installer that weighs more than 200MB. Put that into consideration when going for it.

10. Filefort Backup - Software Link

Filefort Backup
Filefort Backup

The backup process is quite easy here. You have a wizard that gladly takes you through the process and prescribes the actual file to be backed up plus the storage location.

It creates an avenue for backing up multiple folders alongside single files to any of the locations mentioned below;

· External drive

· Network folders

· Blu-ray or even CD/DVD

You can also restore a backup to the previous location or a new one.

It also contains other common features;

· scheduling time for the backup process.

· alternatively, operate a missed setup at startup and encryption.

Works fine on Windows 10, 8,7, Vista and even XP.

On this note, I'll loudly recommend that you give any of the programs enlisted above a trial today. Not just because your digital life matters a great deal to us. But, it saves you from the unpleasant heart-ache that ensues when you fall, a victim of a PC crash without any up and running backup program.

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