I'm Homeless and Need Money. How to Get Money ?

by Rachel Garza

Being homeless is an unfortunate circumstance that every man would love to find a solution to. Not ideal for anyone, but if you are homeless, it is quite understandable if you find it difficult to fend for yourself. Safe to say we've done our research qualitatively, and we are ready to share with you some tips that will let you earn money as someone with no shelter or a place to call home.

One thing you need to understand is the fact that at this point, you need to inculcate the right mindset as well as the right attitude to get a chance at earning a living for yourself. However, the chances at this point are quite slim for some who's got no place to call home. Believe me when I say there are lots of people who are in this same predicament right now.

So, what do you need before going out there to metaphorically hunt for some cash legitimately? There are two things you need to put in check before you can go out there. These are getting your social identification issues sorted out. Secondly, you need to know who is paying that money you need, and what you need to do to receive it.

What You Should Not Fall for as Being Homless and Need Money?

Note: Before we proceed, you need to clear your mind and retrain your mindset. There are four things you need to stop doing today. This mentality is holding you down. So, before we go into the list that we've prepared for you, let us show you what you shouldn't do during this period.

1. Avoid clickbait spammers

It's pretty difficult to go far in life when we keep getting distractions from things that will only take from us and not add any form of value to us in any way. What are we saying in any way? For instance, you don't want to get caught in the nest of these clickbait spammers. Did you receive emails such as: "Congratulations! You just won X dollars!", "Get your cash gift here now!", "Your money is waiting for you here". You need to avoid these clickbait spammers. Do not trust these crooks. These guys won't steal your money, what they want you to do is click on this attractive links and you will be automatically redirected to a page with a sign-up form.

2. There is no quick way to wealth

No quick buck scheme will get you the money you need. If you've ever seen ads on the website such as "make money within the next 24 hours", "with 3 clicks, you can make x dollars", etc. Most of these pop-up ads are scams.

Sincerely, these are pure scams - with no exception. Even though we will discuss more it later, but no magic can give you the wealth you need, especially not on the internet. Don't waste your time chasing shadows when you can work your way up to the top in your sweat and your skills.

3. Charities hardly exist

If you often depend on someone to feed, at a point, you will only be a liability. This is one thing you don't want right now. Nobody will just wake up in the morning and hand over their cash to you. According to stats, more than 95% of people don't believe strangers who tell them about their financial issues. Its no use telling them about your predicament and how much you need them to give you money. The simple answer is, they hardly going to give you. So, why depend on others when you can fend for yourself and earn money with dignity.

4. Stay away from survey-for-cash

One last thing you may also come across while struggling with money is taking surveys for cash. These guys don't have you at heart. The legitimate ones amongst them will only pay you $0.50 for every 30 minutes of surveys. How can that ever sustain you? exactly. They aren't looking to make you reach just by answering their questions. And for the illegitimate ones amongst them, the survey is to take advantage of you and steal your data. At the end of it all, it's going to be a lose-lose situation for you if you get caught up their scam.

How to Get Some Money as You're Homeless and Need It

How to Get Some Money as You're Homeless and Need It
How to Get Some Money as You're Homeless and Need It

At this point, you are feeling lost and left behind in life. But hold on, you need to start rebuilding your life to create an identity for yourself. If you'd love to start on that rebuilding path, and also get a better place for yourself, read on and we will show you what you need to do. On this list, we have some tips that will help you get on your feet and turn yourself to that person you've always dreamt of. Attract money today with these tips.

Start Affiliate Marketing

There are few routes you can take as far as affiliate marketing is concerned. Understandably, you don't have a computer of your own. So, you need to find access to a computer. Is there a museum or library near you? You will need to gain access to their internet and do what you need to do. Now, back to our first option: starting affiliate marketing. There are three methods as far as affiliate marketing is concerned. You can opt-in for social media posts, blog, or video. Now, to break it down further, you can take advantage of these mediums:

Social Media

Speaking of social media, one of the ways you can go about affiliate marketing is by posting on social media. Some perfect examples include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As a blogger, you should have a social media account where you can share a post with your followers or fans.


Asides the fact that you need to have a social media account, you need to understand that blogging is one of the effective affiliate marketing methods. To go into this, you need to have a desktop of your own. If you are using a platform such as WordPress, you can make use of a desktop until you get a computer.


With YouTube, you can make use of your smartphone. However, you will need to get yourself a computer as time goes on. Exploring videos and increasing quality can only be done with a computer. YouTube affords you the chance to add affiliate links to your video description box. You will get a commission as soon as they make a purchase.

Getting a Job

You are probably thinking out loud right now: "what kind of job can a homeless person like me get?" well, you might not get a job with that type of mentality. Depending on your qualification, there is always a job for you out there. you just have to be hardworking and discipline at this point of your life. Things you want won't come to you that easy. You will have to work your backside up to get what you need. But one thing I can assure you is the fact that if you are consistent, you will find one. For instance, in a country such as the United Kingdom, we've seen homeless people get jobs in different supermarkets. Times are changing now. Gone are those days that homeless people are seen as incapable and week. Right now, the world is giving them a chance, but you have to lift your hands for them to see you (metaphorically speaking of course). There re job opportunities in your locality right now. Go out there and search for it.

Asking Millionaires for help

Ok, so, this is not an effective option. But it's worth the try. We recently talked about how to ask a millionaire for help. There are many philanthropists out there who are willing to help. But there are also millions of people who are asking for help too. These philanthropists have websites and email addresses that you can contact them on. For instance, you can contact Oprah Winfrey on via her website and ask her for help. She is always giving a huge amount of money to both charities and individuals. My advice to you is that you shouldn't give up.


Even though we talked about the fact that you shouldn't depend on charities, there are still some charitable organizations out there designed to help the homeless and will be glad to help you. Approach these organizations for help, they can help you with some sort of food as well as shelter.


At the end of it all, the greatest tool you need is a positive mindset. This is not the right time for you to give up hope. Go out there and seek help. There are angels in human form who will be glad to give you the help you need. Apart from a positive mindset, you also need to persevere and add a lot of patience to it. You are stronger and smarter than you think. The rebuilding process will take time. But persevere, you will surely get there. Cheers!

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