Tips on Aluminium Can Recycling

How's and Where's ?

by Rachel Garza

Recycling is considered one best mode of showing love to nature. As we have become a part of the globalized part. The technology has surpassed the natural essence. 

Why a Need to Recycle Aluminum Cans?

In this era, climate change has badly struck the world. This has brought the attention of the whole world back to where all this started. One important mode of this is "Recycling". Who doesn't like beverages and soda cans? I guess every one of us is super fond of sodas. Have you ever thought of saving these cans? No, probably. What if we tell you that you can earn a lot of bucks just by saving these cans? This probably will be new for many of us. But it's a growing business all over the US. Here many people are making a huge fortune through it. When we spoke to many of such sellers, Smith, a worker at a bar, shared his experience with us. He said, " Earning through soda cans seems impossible. But it is true. You can make a lot through quick dealing. Can collecting is very simple. If you are well learnt, you can earn $10-$14 per day. This almost makes upto ten thousand bucks the entire month. So, it's always a great deal." Not only him, but there were many others who shared the same stories. Some of them even said that they used to pay their entire month's gas expense. Some paid bills. Some paid rent. All this happened through their can collecting habits.

How much Recycling Centers value Cans?

When it comes to can dealing. Aluminium cans are in demand. Because of many reasons they are the foremost choice of many. The prime reason is because aluminium is a metal easy to be recycled. So scrap yards and recycling centers prefer to take them. Now the second thing is about their rates. For how much they take these cans? One important thing in this regard is the geographical importance. At every place, the values differ. But the overall difference is not so dominant. As the biggest and famous recycling centres have set up certain rates. Fairfield recycling center in Ohio describes the rate as 33 cents per pound. In the same way, Scrap Metal buyer in Salt Lake Citybuys at the rate of 38 cents per pound. These rates almost work in the same way throughout.

You can say that though can collection is becoming a big industry all over the USA. But still it's not that much worth to consider it a full income source. Because the rates may fluctuate. We all are well aware of the past economic crisis. It had left deep impacts on every single thing. In the same way, it had affected the aluminium recycling industry. Earlier 32 cans per pound were taken at the rate of 1.7 cents. But there is a remarkable downfall in that at some places. In those places, especially close to the industrial hub. It is now sold at the rate of 1.5 cents per pound. This rise and fall in the prices of cans make it difficult to earn a constant income. There is a contradiction even in that. At some places, the rates are even higher. The instability creates a good chance for you to give it a try. But we would say, give it a try but not rely. Unless you have fully ascertained that you will get profit at the end.

What is bottle deposit law? Is it really worth something?

What is bottle depositlaw? Is it really worth something?

From the past few years, the climate havoc has struck everything. The government has taken certain active measures since then. It has brought the attention of the general public towards recycling. But being attentive alone isn't enough. In order to make more people responsible towards recycling. The first strategy of the government was to make them collect cans and bottles. For this purpose, certain "bottle deposit laws"have been in action since then. These laws work in order to maximize the value of every single can and bottle people collect. The laws have fixed rates. These rates vary from 5-10 cents. Currently ten states have this law in action. The states list include even the states which are acting as the backbone of the whole US economy e.g: Hawaii, NewYork and Michigan.

The overall benefit of this whole procedure is quite clear. In states, where there are these laws enabled. You can easily earn the fixed amount. All you need is to go to the stores or scrap yards and give them the empties. In many areas, there are self loading bottles and can sorting machines. This is another unique way of making money. All you need to do is exchange the empties with the machine. Receive the cash and you are done.

Even though laws have been developed. Still, this is not a full time living source. As you have to look up to other sources too for a living.

Where to find these bottles and Cans?

It's always a bit tricky for everyone to find the empty cans. You can't earn well enough simply by exchanging your weekend soda stuff. This requires a great deal of effort. Must be pondering over what could be the strategy then? Whether simply go to the dump yards and sort? No! It is never going to work out that way. You need to have proper planning before you try out finding them. We will give you some places which you should consider. This will help you a lot in your mission. As, it's going to be a great aid the next time you try to find out.



Who doesn't love a festival? We all have great attachments with them. When the festive season strikes the country. Chances are high that with blessings and happiness. You are also going to collect a great deal of cans. The main reason behind this is the huge population. When more people become a part of a festival. You can expect more soda and drinks consumed. This makes a huge amount of cans gathered up." Hawaii is a city where events happen every other day. So, when the coconut festivalhappened this year, I decided to take up cleaning. This helped me pay my two months bills. Because the people were mad for the festivities. They ate and drank a lot. This gave me one reason. I do it every year now."Tracy recalls this while describing her own experience of collecting. She further added that the total amount she made on that particular festival was $ 430. So, you can think of getting up a huge sum of cans at any nearby festival.



Yes! you read it correctly. Concerts are another important place. You can expect to get most cans. We all know how we and all the teeny-tiny bees love concerts. A record number of people gather up to attend concerts. This works in the case of all the states. Who wouldn't love to attend Shakira's concert? Nobody wants to stay away from enjoyment. And soda parties are common among the audience. There might be a great chance of collecting cans. The empties are disposed off almost at every side bin provided. " Last year we attended JLo's concert in Ohio. It was jam-packed. My boyfriend used to watch a number of videos. These videos actually dealt with earning through unique ways.One of the ways among that was earning through can deposit. When he discussed this idea with me, I laughed at him. It was stupid. I told him. But he kept on saying that we should give it a try. Upon his stress, I agreed and we collected 2500 cans. Surprisingly, we earned $150 after exchanging them. That was my first time. I realized the importance of these cans. Also, this experience was the most exciting one of my entire life." These are the words of Rita. She tells how advantageous this can be. She thinks that a proper business can be formulated out of this. If all of this is planned in order. So you can think of getting the value of your ticket back through this. If some other time, you attend a concert and choose to collect cans.



As compared to soda bottles and aluminium cans. Beer bottles and cans are sold at much higher rates. They are more in demand. Even rare in number. You can still expect them to be sold at a rate as high as $1000. This is for real. You need to have a check on the barns. This will give you a great deal of information about the cans and bottles which are rare. And you can later collect them. Selling them up at your own desired prices. Where the rates of beer bottles are comparatively high. Beer Aluminium cans are still sold at the same rates.

From friends and family

Though it looks odd. But it's true. You can ask from your friends nearby you. Also, there are certain family members who have taken up the habit of booze. They will be having a pretty good collection of empties. You can ask them. This will add up to a good number.

So, just start the empties and earn more than your monthly allowance.

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