How to Get Free Money Online Right Now in 2023

by Rachel Garza

This is an era of rapidly progressing world, and whoever does not match is the pace is thought to be left behind. One of the most important things nowadays is money. Read: Money is not everything . But it is quite necessary if you want to have a good life. We all strive to earn money to make our ends meet or sometimes just to have a better lifestyle. Sometimes there can be a few limitations that do not allow you to step out of the house to earn a few bucks. That is when the online earning options come into play.

Best Ways to Get Free Money Online Right Now in 2023

There are numerous options on the internet that you can avail of to make yourself a few dollars. You can select the work of your choice among all these options.

1. Find unclaimed money

Let's start with the one that can be a lottery which you don't even have to buy. According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, there are over $43 Billion unclaimed in the United States. Some websites let you check the money that is owed by you. You might be wondering how it is possible! But you never know what you have in your fortune. There might be some treasure waiting for you.

Visit Unclaimed or Missingmoney to find the possibility of finding unclaimed money.

2. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards
Fetch Rewards

How does it feel when you can earn money from waste? It sounds strange, but it does seem fascinating at the same time! So, Fetch Rewards lets you make money with something that is not of value to you. It is a place that lets you convert your grocery bills into Visa Prepaid cards. With the least effort, you can upgrade your useless grocery receipts into something that pays you back. There are a lot of people who just throw their bills in the bin, and if you have been doing this so far, you won't be doing it now. What you just need to do is take a picture of your receipt to FetchRewards. It partners with several brands that give you points for products in the receipt. Other than this, you also get 2000 points on downloading the app by using the code PENNY .

How does it work? FetchRewards just asks you to take a picture of the receipt and send it to them. That's all! FetchRewards itself does the rest without having to scan the barcode or any additional effort. So, download Fetch reward for iOS or Android and start making money by this simple tactic just now.

3. Refinance

Refinancing is not familiar to a lot of people, but if you are a student, you can save money by refinancing your student loans. It is possible to find the lowest possible rates that one gets funded; you get to save a lot of money. Refinancing helps to save your money in a free-way.

Credible can one of the best choices if you plan to refinance your loans. It also gives you a $750 cash bonus. Get a free quote and try if you can save up to $1000.

4. Earn by searching the web

It is not a very common mode of online earning, but it is excellent if you are looking for easy earning options. Yes, some people earn simply by browsing the internet what they have already been doing. You do not even have to search for something specific. The way it works is that you have to add an add-on of Qmee. Qmee has this feature for Google, Yahoo, or Bing. When you search for anything by this add-on, you see a few sponsored results with your typical results. Qmee lets you withdraw any minimal amount you have earned through it.

5. Become a Clickworker

Become a      Clickworker
Become a Clickworker

As you get by the name, Clickworker simply works by helping you make money by clicking. The whole earning process is based on internet crowdsourcing . You just have to sit with the laptop on your couch, or your comfort corner and earn with your will. With clickworker, you just have to fill forms do web research or data entry work. You can connect clickworker to your Paypal and withdraw your money by working for the job of your kind.

6. Slicethepie


Isn't it great if you get money for making your opinions? Slicethepie gives you such an opportunity if you are a music lover . It lets you review different songs and bands to earn money. Though it might take a bit of your time to make your reputation once you get your feet firm in the game, you can make good money from it. People say they make up to $50 a month from it. They are not much overall but high if you are getting them in return for just a few hours.

7. Cash your education

If you are not very fond of music but somewhat a nerd, we got good news for you too. There are many ways you can earn through your education just by sitting at home. One of the easiest ways is to sell your notes . You have been preparing those notes all your student life. But now they're just lying in the corner of your study room? Don't worry. You can sell those at NexusNotes and earn money the way you never thought. Now, if you don't have any notes in hand but still want to use your education as a means to get some extra cash in hand, we got other options too. You can upload tutorials and lectures on your Youtube channel and get money once it gets an appropriate number of views and subscribers. Another way is to make a group on Fb and monetize it, which is entirely legal. You can charge a minimal membership fee from the members and provide them with educational content. This way, thousands of people get to benefit, and you get your fair share of the money. If you think it is over yet, it is not. There is more if you have a professional degree that makes you eligible to teach university students . Some virtual universities teach and facilitate students from home. You can find Online Colleges and Universities in the USA and ask for the details to apply.

8. Survey websites

Before you assume that this work might not be worth the time, know that you can earn up to $140 on average . No, not monthly, not even daily but hourly! Isn't that insane? You have to fill surveys or watch videos on these sites. Also, if some of them don't pay hefty hourly, they can be great for you if you like gift cards or other rewards. But I'm not lying when I talk about earning up to $140 hourly. Respondent is one such site that pays you this amount on an average for in-person interviews, either on-call or video call. Another such excellent website is InboxDollars that has paid over $50 million to its members. Also, it gives you a bonus of $5 on signup!

9. Online market trading

The stock market is not everybody's piece of cake, but it can be your shot of vodka if you learn how to do it properly. A small amount can lead to more significant profits, but if not played carefully, the same token can result in great loss too. But the good part that comes with online market training is the money you save from brokers. Several platforms provide worldwide trading options, one of which is eToro. eToro is one of the largest such sites, and also features in BBC's documentary for the popularity it has gained over the years and its smart way of stock trading. One of the best things about this website is the Copy Trader . This feature lets you follow the investments of the top traders and lets you copy their investments, too, which is excellent if you are a newbie.

But, always remember that stability in the stock world comes after some time, so this business is right for you only if you are up for some risk !

10. Freelancing

Its 2023, and you have not tried freelancing yet? If not, then do it right not. Freelancing is a fantastic platform if you have some skills like content writing, graphic designing, interior designing, graphics, marketing skills, voice-over, transcription, and many more. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, and others give you a place to cash your talent and earn money through it. These websites also have opportunities for book writers, translators, and on-screen appearance artists. You can earn good money by making an appealing profile that helps you fetch orders and accept offers that lure you. You can also do some courses pre-hand to polish your skills. Visit the sites today to start earning instantly.

These are a few of some earning options but guarantee a good earning if you give it the right time and skill. Whereas some of these do not even require a proper skill yet let you earn only with an internet connection. So select your favorite kind of work among these and start earning today!

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