Where and How to Make Money by Selling Your Photos Online

Best Sites to Sell Your Photos Online

by Rachel Garza

Everyone just loves taking photos, don't they? Then there are those people who are simply gifted with capturing a moment beautifully. Are you one of them? If you are, then why not trade those photographs on the internet and earn some cash in exchange.

Why Selling Your Photos Online?

In case you're an enthusiastic photographer then you must dust off that digital dirt sitting on your hard drive. I mean, who wouldn't love to cash their talent? especially when you are getting paid for that. There are several websites where you can earn money from; like arts & crafts markets, stock photos and plenty of social media platforms. The best strategy to sell online is to cut the middleman and become the direct distributor of your work. It is important to take an expert's opinion but once you have done that you are good to go. Thus, there is no need to get worried. We are here to help you out! Which is why we made a list of some of the coolest online website where you get to showcase your work can earn up to $100 per image. Sounds great right?

Where and How to Make Money by Selling Your Photos Online

So how about we investigate the best destinations on which to sell photographs on the web.

1. Getty Images - Site Link

Getty Images
Getty Images

Getty Images, for instance, is an online site frequently observed as the hub of stock photography. It flaunts mind-blowing quality pictures and has an amazing scope of customers. In news articles, you probably see Getty images more often.

One of the best features of this website is that the sale price of the single picture is quite incredible, even low-resolution pictures. So despite the fact that only 20% is the commission, the overall sum is not so bad. Although, according to Getty images policy, one you upload your photo it becomes exclusive and you cannot use it on any other site.

One other thing is that the endorsement procedure for photographs is viewed as more tolerant than some. For instance, they may acknowledge a photograph in the event that it shows unusual creative characteristics, regardless of whether some portion of it is out of core interest.

Getty Images key features include:

· The process of Approval: where every picture is processed before approving.

· Certification: Every image uploaded on Getty images is exclusive.

· Wage rate: 20%

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for more information.

2. Adobe Stock - Site Link

Adobe Stock
Adobe Stock

Adobe stock, moderately new site, which was first launched in the year 2015. It is a micro-stock website that only acknowledges premium quality photographs. That's something you would definitely expect from the makers of Photoshop and Lightroom. They have a very picky process of content approval. One of its best features is that the Adobe Stock incorporates with photograph applications, for example, Lightroom, allowing snappers to submit pictures legitimately from their own image altering programming.

The image sale price and commission are relatively low for the reason that it is a micro-stock website. So, one can expect to earn around $0.20-$3.33 per download. However, due to low pricing, image certification is quite flexible. Which means you can upload your images on another website as well.

Adobe Stock key features:

· The process of approval: Strict

· Certification: Images are not restrictive to their website

· Wage rate : $0.22-$3.33/ image

If you want to gather more information, click on the


3. iStock Photo - Site Link

iStock Photo
iStock Photo

iStock photo is another huge player in the stock picture industry and flaunts a large number of potential clients. Once you get into their website, you'll realize that iStock Photo is a piece of Getty Images. One major advantage it offers is the absence of restrictiveness; making is more preferable over Getty images. Every snapper has the option of uploading their work on iStock and as well as other sites. However, the commission rate is little low i.e. 15% for the reason that iStock is also a micro-stock site.

One also should consider utilizing iStock along with other sites because the earning potential is not that high.

IStock important features

· The process of approval: Images are approved on set criteria

· Certification: Standard licensing terms

· Wage rate: Flat rate of 15% for nonexclusive images

If you want to know about how to use iStock then check out this


4. Shutterstock - Site Link


Shutterstock is very famous among photographers. Almost every snapper knows about it which is one of the reasons that it has the biggest client base and is viewed as the main platform for micro-stock images. Their approval criteria are quite moderate and it roughly takes 2 days for the image to get an approval. The website has been redesigned recently with improved image submission and management. Pictures uploaded are liable to non-selective permitting and can be utilized somewhere else.

Shutterstock trades top-notch pictures at low costs. You can earn normally just $0.25 per picture download. Overall it is a good site, but don't hope to acquire enough to resign on utilizing this stage to sell photographs on the web

Shutterstock key features

· The process of approval : Efficient image processing and approval within 2 days

· Certification: non-restrictive

· Wage rate: $0.25/ image download

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link for a sneak peek.

5. CanStockPhoto - Site Link


CanStockPhoto is yet another magnificent spot to sell photographs online. The offering price for images is comparatively low than other sites, however, sponsors get paid substantially with a 40% maintenance for every sold picture.

Furthermore, the site offers free submission and no monthly charges. Users are required to fill a simple application form and submit 3 images initially. Once you have done that you are good to go. Although, one important thing to be noted is that the users can withdraw their earnings only when they have an account balance of more than 50 dollars. In addition to this, sellers hold full rights to their pictures and they can be completely redistributed to other sites as well. They have a stress-free submission system which is very easy to use.

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link to find out more about CanStockPhoto.

CanStockPhoto key features:

· The process of approval: Filling an application form along with 3 images

· Certification: ownership is retained by the seller

· Wage rate: 40% payment

6. Stocksy - Site Link


On the off chance that you are acknowledged by Stocksy, you could win a great deal. It is a stock photography site that occasionally opens applications so you cannot join it anytime like other photo selling websites. The main point to highlight is that Stocksy has an eye for true talent. The images that get approved are the ones that are extremely high quality and exceptional. If by any chance your work is accepted, you should know that you've got "The factor".

Stocksy comes with an incredible standard gaining rate which 50%, the best amount offered than any other stock sites. Maintaining the image quality and exclusivity is the goal here so the sellers must keep that in mind. The site has a client base with good base costs for photographs making it an incredible site for selling.

Stocksy key features:

· The process of approval: Strict application and approval process

· Certification: Extended licensing

· Wage rate: 50% standard and 75% in case of extended licensing

Check out the

link to get more information.

7. 500px - Site Link


Unlike other sites, the 500px website is equally a photography grid and an image selling platform. 500px comes with amazing photographs along with customized control options. Sellers can promote their camerawork abilities and elevate their work to potential customers.

Additionally, Sellers have the license to sell their pictures directly. The image submission is completely free of charges and the commission is part of selective and non-restrictive images.

For exclusive image copyrights, the rate is 60% while the non-exclusive image rate is 30% compared to other stock sites, which is very appealing if you ask me. The site is flourishing day by day and image uploaded can also be utilized in Getty Images.

500px Key features:

· The process of approval: Stringent approval process

· Certification: Includes both exclusive and nonexclusive images

· Wage rate: 30% rate for nonexclusive while 60% rate for exclusive images

For further information, fee free to click the


8. Alamy - Site Link


Last but not least one on our list is the Alamy, one of the most wonderful macro-stock photo selling sites. Alamy bids premium quality pictures at a lot more significant expenses than, Shutterstock and iStockPhoto which are micro-stock sites. It has the best commission rate of around 50% for exclusive pictures while 40% rate for nonexclusive. The seller gets to pick any of these 2 options, making their experience more adaptable.

Alamy key features:

· The process of approval: Approval is fast but within set criteria

· Certification: Availability of both exclusive and nonexclusive options

· Wage rate: 40% rate for nonexclusive while 50% rate for exclusive images

If you are looking for more information, check this video link.

And with that, it's the end of our best picks list for you. There are several other websites with really good photography selling features. Check out these sites or browse through the internet for more. So, what are you waiting for? Open your media library and start selling.

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