Great Apps to Watch Videos Online with Friends in Real Time

by Rachel Garza

It is mesmerizing to spend quality time with friends after long hectic schedules for setting mind at ease. Friend's get-togethers and sleepovers seem empty without movie setups where you can have the time of your life.

Unfortunately, it is a quite arduous difficult to get every dear one to join and have a fun time together. Opportunely, due to the digital advancement, we have got some really great apps that entertain us with the favorite online content to relish like YouTube, Daily motion or Netflix, with our friends and family.

Best Ways to Watch Videos Online with Friends in Real Time

It doesn't make a difference whether you're far-off home or in a long distance relationship, you can always get connected with your favorite people around the globe. Here is a list of some tops which offers you to spend some quality movie time with your friends without further delaying your plans.

1. Plug DJ - Site Link

Plug DJ
Plug DJ

Music is fun when you enjoy it with your loved ones. Plug DJ offers a very of interesting concept of sharing music videos and YouTube clips with family and friends. Plug DJ also offers you to create a private room to chat with all of your friends and to list up all the music videos.

You can play music videos, taking turns with your friends while commenting and voting on their selection. So you just need to be performing best if you don't want to be voted out of the DJ booth. Even, you can browse different communities to explore new content. You can join as many number of virtual communities as you want; discover and share variety of music all over the globe.

It has a chic and jazzy user interface, adding a perfect look if connected to the big screen during a function or in-house experience to enjoy with your friends in person or enjoying far-off through the app.

Click here to watch YouTube tutorial for a better Plug DJ experience.

2. Syncplay - Site Link


Syncplay is a multi-application platform compatible with all the leading video playing apps (including Media Player Classic, VLC and KM Player). It is a free tool that offers you to sync video streams with your buddies. All you need to do is to save the movies locally on your hard drive and after setting up the app savor an exotic experience. It syncs all the users in such way that when one user play/stop, pause/continue within their media player then this action is replicated across all the mediums connected.

If you want to find more about Syncplay click here for a YouTube video.

3. Watch2gether - Site Link


With Watch2gether, taking delight in online videos is really simple. You can enjoy a movie experience without getting registered with a temporary nickname. Simply click on the "Create Room" button, type in your nickname, after that you will be referred to a chat room where you can add your friends to chat or to join a room for viewing a movie. The best about Watch2gether is it gives you the opportunity to select videos from either YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo or singles from Sound Cloud. Furthermore, it offers Amazon shopping experience,organizing playlists content and webcam support.

You can watch a YouTube video to learn more about watch2gether.

4. Gaze - Site Link

Great Apps to Watch Videos Online with Friends in Real Time: Gaze
Great Apps to Watch Videos Online with Friends in Real Time: Gaze

If YouTube is your streaming platform, then Gaze must be the right app you are looking for. Gaze is very simple to use. You can create a room and send the link to your friend, both of you can start streaming videos immediately. It has only one drawback that it can only work between two parties at a time. Well, it is perfect for a long-distance romantic date, but if you are intended to invite a bunch of your friends then you must find some other apps on the list. Apart from streaming YouTube videos, it also allows syncing locally saved files in your drive. However it doesn't allow you to search videos in its own interface nor lets you create a playlist. In this case that one file should be available at both ends; like saved in either the computer's or the phone's memory.

You can find more in this YouTube video about Gaze.

5. Rabbit - Site Link


Rabbit is a little different from the apps mentioned in the list. It is not limited to syncing video streams but also allows its users to share a browser. This helps its users to remotely sync different kinds of content across numerous devices. Apart from syncing Netflix or YouTube, it's users can also sync games, documents and much more.

Simply get to the Rabbit's website and start a live session or navigate to whatever you want to sync through Rabbit's browser opened in your browser. If you want to invite your friends you can simply share the room's URL. In the room, you can chat in real-time via text or video. You can read any content, watch a movie and discover something online through this app. If you are a frequent Rabbit's user you can add its extension in Google Chrome browser.

Click here to discover more about this app.

6. Netflix Party - Site Link

Netflix Party
Netflix Party

Netflix Party is an exclusive extension available to Chrome users. It allows its users to sync Netflix videos which can be played on multiple computers. Once you install this extension, go to Netflix to select a movie or show you want to watch. Once the video is loaded in your window, pause it click on the red button with NP written on it. This will generate a link which can be shared with your friends. When your friends click on the given link they will be redirected to your room where they can join you to enjoy the synced video along with you.

The plus point about Netflix Party is only one person needs to install the extension; which means not everyone in your friend list needs to have a Netflix subscription. But the main drawback is the Chrome window, like you cannot watch your movie outside the Google Chrome which means you need to stick to your laptops or PCs in order to watch the movie.

Learn more about Netflix Party, by clicking here.

7. Sync Video - Site Link

Sync Video
Sync Video

If you are concern about your privacy then Sync Video is the right choice for you. It is specially developed while keeping in mind the privacy concerns of the viewers. Although its registration is free but it is mandatory to register in order to watch free online videos with your friends. Once you get registered you will be given a private room and whenever you want to watch a movie you can come here and invite your friends to enjoy a movie within your permanent virtual room. You can also make your room public while most people prefer it to remain private.

8. MyCircleTV - Site Link


Now here comes a big one; MyCircleTV includes VoIP abilities. The biggest feature is, it offers free voice chat while online watching movies with your friends. This is the characteristic that gives it an edge over all the other apps available on our list. This app allows you to enjoy your favorite movies with your friends living far-off making you feel like they are just sitting right beside you. Your friends can be invited through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and E-mail.

Registration is not mandatory on MyCircleTV, but once you get registered you will be able to watch free movies along with your friends. You can even share videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo in your voice chats.

MyCircleTV also rewards its registered users 5GB of space to upload video formats like; .flv, MP4 (MPEG4-PART10, h264, AVC, and AAC).

There are certain features which give an edge to registered users over non-registered users like:

· 5GB myCloud storage space

· User Profile

· Invitation History

Click here to watch a YouTube tutorial.

9. Plex VR - Site Link

Plex VR
Plex VR

It is the most refined media management application. It helps to stream, organize and share your content with a friendly user interface and an app which can run on almost all the major platforms. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac OS and multiple TV platforms.

It takes video syncing to a whole new level. Rather than just sharing a screen it allows you to share a virtual loft, apartment or a drive-in theatre. In these virtual places, you can chat with your friends while watching movies sourced from one of your friend's library. As all the videos are synced so every user encounters the same movie experience at a time; however, they may select suitable size and position of the screen according to their needs. Every person has a Lego-like avatar representing their presence in the room.

Plex VR is considered to be the most complicated and expensive way of sharing a movie experience with friends remotely. In order to have a Plex VR experience, every user must have Google Daydream, Oculus Go or Gear VR compatible machine.

Find more about PlexVR in this informative YouTube tutorial.


We hope that you find this post useful and next time you relish an incredible movie experience rather than delaying plans. Let us know about your favorite app of watching synchronized videos with your loved ones living afar.

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