Steps to Write Great Contents Containing Infographics in 2023

by Rachel Garza

In today's article, we are learning how to write a good article with good infographics. Yes, infographics give articles another added gloss to the article. So what the we call Infographics?

What do we call infographics?

For those hearing of infographics for the first time. Not to worry, you are in luck as this article helps to explain it. If you surf the net well, there is a high chance you might come across it. These are graphics that are appealing to the eyes. Not only appealing, they are quite informative just like in text. But they are more engaging and easy to quickly understand. For example, you can check below for an example. This example discusses the percentage of individuals and the clubs they support.

We can easily say, Infographics are tools that help to deliver messages to users in another format. They deliver text messages more appealingly. The thing is, most users get easily bored with text. But they feel more invigorated to read texts that have infographics. Since the information passed is in infographics, it's easier to read and access. And the best thing about using infographics, the users can easily remember. As it's being said, humans remember when they see pictures.

Writing Great Contents Containing Infographics: Ten Steps You Should Follow

Since you know what Infographics are and what they entail. Even if you are an amateur in the world of infographics, you still need some skills. Skills like write great articles to couple with your infographics. So what should you watch out for when writing articles that contain Infographics. These steps are;

1. Balance the scale of Text and Visual contents

When we talk about Infographics, we dealing with two elements. One is the Info part and the design part. Both are needed to make great content. So to make your content great, you need to find balance first with infographics. With a great text content, bad Infographics will spoil the whole content.

You need coherence between your info and the design part. They have to go well together like bread and butter. Then top it with the cherry on top. Make a great text content. This is the part where your imagination comes into play. You need to imagine, what it will look like when you are done. And also consider the layouts.

2. Concise and Simple

We know that some infographics can be lengthy and cumbersome. And there might not be enough space for including the info part. So this is the are you need to be very careful and discrete with your decision. Be tactical with your choice of words and areas you place them. This is because your infographics are meant to do something earlier mentioned. They are meant to make complicated texts, more interesting and easy to understand. Also while being tactical, always use the main points to support the graphics. And make them central to your infographics.

3. Texts Should be Story Like

For a good infographics, there should be a good story like the text to go with it. You need to give the next story like effect to your infographics. The text will give more explanation about the infographics. It guides the readers as they and view the infographics. Tools they will aid you while making an awesome text include;

· Sectioning Text

· Chronological arrangement of Text

· Simple and easy to follow

4. Data Compilation

During the creation of your infographics. There are some major points you should note. Firstly, do not try to overwhelm yourself with a complex design. You can pick something simple and easy to do. Then, you need to get all the necessary data for your infographics. So where can you find reliable and quality data? Well, the one reliable one that is common is the Wikipedia .After the compilation of data, you need to sort it out. Pick the high-quality data and fun facts to add to the text. You can also pick some key and major pointers in those sites. Remember, you will need to maintain the barest minimum space for text (info part of infographics). So the need for sorting out what data is impactful and needed.

Keynote- Always remember, your data is the bedrock of all the infographics. If your foundation is poor, the whole content will fail and readers will hate it. But with a strong bedrock, your readers will be blown away with your content.

5. Check Out Other Examples to Follow

For amateurs in the game, you will need to learn by following. You need to check out various examples of contents with infographics. To get maximal knowledge, you should look into different industry contents. This will broaden your idea horizon. The more examples you view, the more understanding of how it works you get. Then you will create better content than the ones you used as an example.

6. Maintain High Level of Relevance With Your Infographics

Maintain High Level of Relevance With Your Infographics
Maintain High Level of Relevance With Your Infographics

As earlier said, you need to keep your infographics short and simple. But not too short that it becomes obsolete. You still need to maintain relevance with your infographics. Make sure your information is well delivered. Easy to follow and helpful infographics are used. When you have a relevant and easy to follow infographics, the more the readers will enjoy. All you need to do is make sure you insert the infographics promptly. Infographics that are relevant and have enough information. They should contain well-researched data because it might spread across the social media.

After you have taken all the above steps. You need to now bring a coherence between the text and infographics. Making your audience flow with your work of art. All the listed steps may take time, as it has to do with brainstorming.

7. Cohesiveness and Coherence

The best content which contains infographics are usually consistent. Just a quick look at it should make it attractive to read. While making the content. Always consider the text and infographics being cohesive. And they should be in a predictable manner. So your readers don't get lost along the way. You can section. your content to make things easier. And make things easier for your users to read.

8. Writing with emotions

To be a great writer, sometimes you need emotions. You need your content to show a specific emotion based on your target audience. You need to capture the reader's heart and let them feel the content. Adding a great infographics, you might just dazzle them more. Your content should be relatable to your readers. Don't just let it be bland. Make it an enjoyable experience for your readers. You can make your content based on the reception you are looking for. You can make articles that would make users question and spark conversations. Or an article that will be on their mind for days. You could probably make an article that will connect various individuals.

9. Use of Words

Have you seen some news headlines that instantly draw your attention?. Yes, Infographics have the same power when used right. Headlines are small though and are very critical to any article. They have to be attention-grabbing as well. The same thing should be given to your infographics. Make the words in your infographics very powerful. But your words have to remain short and very impactful. The reason for this being, you draw in more readers to the site. And keep your readers glued to the amazing article you have written.

10. Formatting Your Article

When formating your article, it is also important to format your infographics. You should have a good guideline you follow when formatting. This makes your job easier and awesome to read.

Tips you can follow,

After following the ten steps, these tips can be a bonus to making a great content:

· You can outsource your content

Well, we all know the troubles involved in writing and infographics. Some are not gifted to be good writers. So you can easily get someone competent enough, to do the job. You will just give a detailed description of the job to the individual.

· Your Headline must be super awesome

Making great headlines is a must. Headlines attract readers to the site. They should grab the reader's attention immediately. But also making it honest and relevant.

· Finish the article with a bang.

What makes an article great ?. Good headlines, great body of content and a finish with a bang. If you have a good starting, you should build towards a better ending. This way, your readers will feel refreshed after reading your article.

Other includes

· Branding should be simple and not complicated

· Always make use of Honest and Accurate Information

· Some sites help build infographics, these sites include;

· AdobeSpark

· Piktochart

· Biteable

· Befunky

In conclusion,

Infographics are tools that you use to make your posts better. With this post, you should have an idea of how professionals work. I hope you enjoyed your read and have learned a lot. Now get your device and start typing. Start learning about infographics and become a better writer. Thanks for reading.

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