Best Voice Chat Apps and Services for Gamers to Effectively Communicate With Team Members

by Rachel Garza

Nowadays, the act of playing games has become an integral part of our daily life. Most individuals love playing games to derive pleasure and kill boredom. Either you are a newbie or expert in the kind of game you love playing, you need an avenue to communicate with co-player when you are playing multiplayer games.

Before now, gamers can only communicate with their co-player while they are sharing the same couch. Thanks to technology, a lot of voice chat apps have been developed. With these voice chat apps, gamers can communicate with their team members. The app is effective and efficient when compared to the in-game voice communication method. These voice chat apps are specifically designed for gamers to enjoy their gameplay session. The app also enhances the gameplay experience of gamers through its socialization features.

Summary of Best Voice Chat Apps and Services for Gamers

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of the best voice chat app designed for gamers.

Voice Chat Apps and Services Pros Cons
  1. It is free of cost.
  2. It has a built-in DDoS security feature.
  3. It supports bots.
  1. It does not have its own server.
  1. It is lightweight in the phone memory.
  2. It is straightforward to set up.
  3. It has fantastic social features.
  4. It uses Vivox voice services.
The team cannot be created with its web app.
  1. It has offline/LAN functionality.
  2. It has AES encryption feature.
It does not have video communication feature.
  1. It positional audio feature.
  2. It is an open-source app.
  3. It has an excellent encryption feature.
It is not straightforward to set up.
  1. Its users can group friends through games.
  2. It has a web-client that manages group information.
Its voice quality is not superb.
  1. It can accommodate about 100k users per group.
  2. It is a great platform for Twitch streamers.
  3. It is lightweight.
  1. Its user-interface is not the best.
  2. It has no volume adjustment feature for players.
  1. It has an end-to-end encryption feature.
  2. It has a modern user-interface design.
  3. It offers its users unlimited video, voice, and conferencing.
  1. Its encryption key is tedious to manage.

Gamers' Best Voice Chat Services & Apps in Detail

Gamers' Best Voice Chat Services & Apps in Detail
Gamers' Best Voice Chat Services & Apps in Detail

That said, there are lots of voice chat apps that have been designed for players to socialize with their co-player when playing their favorite games. With that said, today, I will be telling you the best voice chat apps and services you can use when playing games.

1. Discord - Voice Chat App


If you are looking for one of the most used and loved voice chat app for gamers, Discord is the right app you should choose. The app has an excellent and well-designed interface that is straightforward to use. With the Discord app, you can chat with members of your gaming team and other users of Discord. The voice chat app allows you to create a personalized server through which you can invite friends and your co-players. Apart from downloading and using its app, you can access the Discord chatting services on the web. With the availability of Discord on the web, your co-players can easily join your personalized server. Discord has got some excellent features that are enjoyed by its users. You can use Discord as an in-game overlay and also use it to create custom hotkeys. With the overlay feature of Discord, you can communicate seamlessly with other players - based on the game they are playing. You can also communicate effectively with the people they are interacting with on Discord. The Discord app has the bots feature. It also allows its users to set the sound volume to the level they desire. Discord has excellent built-in security features. It has DDoS and IP protection features. The voice chat app is free to use and highly effective for all gamers to use.

2. Overtone - Voice Chat App


Overtone is an excellent voice chat app that is widely used by gamers that desire to communicate with co-players that uses the platform for communication purposes. The voice chat app has a simple, highly intuitive, and user-friendly interface that is easy to maneuver. Overtone is based on Vivox and is a leading voice chat app that is used for communication purposes like PUBG, Fortnite, League of Legends, and many more. With the Overtone app, you can be sure that little space of your mobile device will be occupied. Hence, you have a lot of space to save other stuff. The voice chat app has excellent text chat and voice features. Overtone can be used to discover and identify new players and teams. You can also connect with friends and people that play similar games and are of like mind. Apart from the app version, Overtone can run successfully and efficiently on web browsers. All its features can be accessed at no cost. However, you cannot create your personalized team with Overtone.

3. TeamSpeak3 - Voice Chat App


For gamers that desire to use a voice chat app that provide its users with an excellent administrator control, TeamSpeak3 is the best voice chat app you can choose. Though the app does not have a modern user-interface, however, it has a clean and simple interface that is easy to maneuver. With the TeamSpeak3 app, you can access various permission options through which you can manage your server and set your administrator control. The voice chat app offers faster file transfer services. In terms of security, TeamSpeak3 offers excellent security services to its users. This security service is made available through its AES encryption feature. Furthermore, you can enable the server-side encryption feature to encrypt your conversation with other gamers on the platform. TeamSpeak3 also has offline/LAN functionality and excellent customization features. Despite its fantastic features, the video communication feature is lacking in the TeamSpeak3 voice chat app.

4. Mumble - Voice Chat App


When you are looking for a voice chat app that prioritizes the security of contents that are sent on its messaging platform, Mumble is the right voice chat app you can use. The app has a neat, simple, attractive, and user-friendly interface that is not difficult to use. With the Mumble app, you can access various security features. The voice chat app has excellent encryption services. Through its encryption services, your data is secured while using its servers. Mumble has an audio streaming feature that runs with low latency. Its low latent audio streaming feature helps users to experience lower lags when interacting with co-players and friends. The voice chat app has a positional sound feature. With this feature, you can enjoy a gaming session with an immersive and more realistic feel. Mumble offers its users an excellent in-game overlay feature. The voice chat app also allows server admins to manage, control, and monitor all affairs in the platform. Furthermore, gamers can enjoy features like authenticator, channel viewer, and many more. However, the app does not have excellent audio quality and is not too easy to set up.

5. SteamChat - Voice Chat App


If you are looking for a voice chat app that prioritizes the gamer's voice communication needs, the SteamChat is the right app you can use. The app has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. When installed in your mobile device, it runs at the background of your device - once activated. Aside from its support for mobile devices, SteamChat runs successfully on the PC. The voice chat app allows its users to create their personalized group. Through SteamChat, you can share unique URLs so that gamers can join your chat room. It also has the chat administrator feature where the chat administrator can assign roles to each member in the chat room. This feature helps the to take disciplinary measure against fellow chatters that behave badly. Also, the app has a web client feature.

6. RaidCall - Voice Chat App


RaidCall is an amazing app that offers free VoIP services and used as an efficient voice chat app by gamers. The app is designed with a user friendly and easy to use interface. The lightweight app does not consume power or take space in your device's storage space. With RaidCall, you can create a chat group with about 100,000 members. The app comes with features like voice recording, poll, notice reduction, announcement, and many more. The voice chat app can be used to transfer files, share YouTube videos, and keep chat records. You can also stream a Twitch video with the app. Through RaidCall, you can access support and customization features. However, the app does not support voice adjustment, and the user interface is not recent.

7. Element - Voice Chat App


Element is an efficient and effective voice chat app that is widely used by gamers. The app has a modern user interface that is highly intuitive and fascinating. Its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate for all gamers. With Element, you can access unlimited video, voice, and conferencing. The app also has file transfer features where you can share files with other gamers. Element has an alert feature that keeps you reminded of important events. The voice chat app offers excellent security services through its end-to-end encryption feature. However, the encryption key is not straightforward.


Communication is important to gamers. With an effective communication platform, their gameplay experience is enhanced, and the gaming session becomes fun-filled. Today, I have discussed the best voice chat app you can use as a game. So, give any of them a trial, and you will be glad to do so.

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