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by Rachel Garza

Gone are the days when people were restricted from making efforts to see their family and loved ones before discussing them. Nowadays, various technological innovations have made the process of communication easier and quicker. Communication activities have been made possible due to the introduction of mobile phones.

As technology continues to advance, the world shifted from the use of basic cell phones to smartphones. With the introduction of smartphones, people have enjoyed the benefits in the information technology world. The smartphone is most enjoyed when you download and install exciting apps on it. With the smartphone app, you can make calls, send messages, surf the web, and many more. An example of the smartphone that is widely used today is the iPhone.

With an iPhone, you can enjoy all the exciting features that are available on smartphones. You can also explore the full potentials of the iPhones. Due to the importance and essential services rendered to its users, the iPhone has become vulnerable to criminals who specialize in stealing smartphones. Apart from stealing the expensive device from your pocket, it can also go missing while performing your daily activities. Hence, you need to keep your iPhone safe and secure. When your iPhone goes missing or is stolen, there are easy and simple ways to find it. You can use the PC to track and identify the specific location of your iPhone. The steps involved take a few minutes to be accomplished, and it is free of cost. Today, I will be telling you how to use Find My iPhone to locate your iPhone by using the computer.

The Importance of Find My iPhone and How it Works

The most efficient tool you can use to track the location of your iPhone is Find My iPhone. Aside from tracking the iPhone's location, you can use the Find My iPhone tool to know the specific location of the iPad, Mac, iPod, and Apple Watch . When you use the tool, it will give you the exact location of your missing or stolen iPhone. It also provides an account of the places your iOS device has visited . With this information, you will quickly know the location of your iPhone.

Find My iPhone is a software designed for iOS devices that uses state-of-the-art built-in technology to search for the location of your iPhone. With the Find My iPhone app, you will get the approximate location through the map displayed on your PC.

Platforms That Supports Find My iPhone

PlatformsThat Supports Find My iPhone
Platforms That Supports Find My iPhone

Designed by Apple International, Find My iPhone is an excellent tracking tool that is used to identify the specific location of your iPhone and other iOS devices. Two platforms support the Find My iPhone app. These are

1. Smartphone: The smartphone is the device that supports the Find My iPhone app. The tool is designed and works perfectly on the iPhone and other iOS powered devices. However, it is impossible to locate your missing or stolen iPhone since you won't be in possession of it. Hence, you need to explore the second platform that supports the Find My iPhone app.

2. Computer: Since its introduction to the technology world, the computer has proven to be efficient in performing simple and complex tasks. The computer supports the use of the Find My iPhone software. With a computer, you can easily locate your lost or missing iOS device. All you need to do is to get connected to the internet. When you launch Find My iPhone on your computer, it will display a map through which you can identify your iPhone's approximate location.

Things You Must Not Forget About Find My iPhone

1. Signup for iCloud Account

Signup for iCloud Account
Signup for iCloud Account

Before you can use Find My iPhone on your PC, you need to create an iCloud account. iCloud is a site that acts as a backup for all data and login credentials on your iPhone.

2. Enable Find My iPhone

Since you don't know when your iPhone will be misplaced or stolen, you need to enable Find My iPhone on your device . This will help you locate the phone when it is stolen or missing.

Enable Find My iPhone
Enable Find My iPhone

3. Enable Location Services

Location is the most important information you need to recover your iPhone. Hence, the location services on your iPhone must be enabled . When you do this, you will easily identify the iPhone's location when it is stolen or missing.

Enable Location Services
Enable Location Services

4. Maintain Online Status

The process of tracking your missing or stolen iPhone with the Find My iPhone software does not support offline mode . Hence, your device must always be connected to the internet. With this, you will get the approximate location of the device when it is stolen or missing.

Maintain Online Status
Maintain Online Status

5. Wrapped Devices

All iOS-powered devices that are yet to be unwrapped cannot be located with the Find My iPhone software. This is because it is yet to have iCloud login credentials.

6. Location Searchers

The Find My iPhone software uses essential features to identify the approximate location of the iPhone. The iPhone location searching tool uses GPS and cell towers to acquire detailed information about the location of your stolen or missing iOS-powered device.

How to Use the Find My iPhone Software on the Computer

Find My Software is an excellent software designed by Apple to support both the mobile and PC devices. The software offers fantastic location tracking services to its users. The process of tracking your iPhone's approximate location is simple and takes a few minutes to be completed. The steps involved are discussed below.

1. Launch iCloud

The Find My iPhone software works through iCloud. Hence, you can only access the location tracking services of Find My iPhone through the iCloud website.

2. Login to iCloud

Your iCloud account is vital to search for the present location of your iOS-powered devices. To track your iPhone's location with Find My iPhone, you must log into iCloud with your Apple login credentials .

3. Authenticate Your Login Activities

Once you have logged into the iCloud website with your iCloud ID and password, two-factor authentication will be sent to your trusted device . Enter the verification code to proceed to your account. To prevent a perpetual request for a two-factor authentication code, you can hit the Trust browser option . By doing this, you will log in to your iCloud account seamlessly. However, if you are using a public computer, hit the Don't Trust icon.

4. Hit Find My‌ ‌iPhone‌

Now that you have logged into your iCloud account. Navigate through the platform. You will see various menu options available. Hit the Find My iPhone button.

5. Re-enter Password

Before allowing you to access the Find My iPhone app, you will be asked to re-enter your password. This serves as a security check to ensure you are the owner of the account.

6. Locate Device With Find My Device

Now that you have entered the password, you can wait for a few seconds for Find My iPhone to locate your device. While the search is going on, a map will appear on your PC. The PC provides you with the chance to view the map in satellite, hybrid, or standard mode . All you need to do to choose your preferred viewing mode is to navigate to the right corner of the browser and select the option you desire. On the map, you will see three green dots . These three dots represent the iPhone located by the Find My iPhone app. You can be sure that the iPhone is yours because your iCloud credentials were entered while searching for it.

Hit the dots to focus the map on the device located. Then hit the "I" that represents the information icon. Once clicked, the device panel options will appear. You can also select the All Devices option to choose a device. The option displayed at the device panel depends on the kind of device you want to locate with Find My iPhone. Since you are searching for an iPhone, you will put the option in Lost Mode . If your iPhone is powered off or not connected to the internet, Find My iPhone will give you the last identified location of your device. It also provides you with options you can tick to notify you when the device is connected to the internet. With this, you can identify its present location.


The table below summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of Find My iPhone.

Advantages Disadvantages
Protects your information. No location available
Let people how they can locate you. Server error
Connection error
App error


Advancements in technology have made things easier for all and sundry. When your iOS device gets stolen or misplaced, it becomes important that you retrieve it. Find My iPhone is a tool designed to work efficiently on computer and iOS devices so that you can easily retrieve your lost phones. Today, I have discussed the steps you can take to locate your lost iPhone on the computer with Find My iPhone. Try them out when your iPhone gets missing or stolen, and you will be glad you did so.

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