Face Search: How to Do It with Best Facial Recognition Engines

by Rachel Garza

Nowadays, advancements in technology have made a huge variety of tasks easier. People in the security sector and individuals seeking to know the kind of person that trespassed on their properties can effortlessly identify them with an improved technology system. 

The technology world has brought forward the invention called Face Search. Face Search is an efficient design to help you in searching for people through their pictures. The Face Search tool uses its built-in facial recognition engine to perform the task effectively. With the facial recognition search engine, you can search for your stolen videos and photos posted online. The tool also helps you in spotting websites and scammers using your picture to create a fake profile. A facial recognition tool is an important application for people that evaluate public relations and marketing campaigns. The importance of the Face Search and facial recognition engines necessitates the need to discuss the simple methods to use it. With that said, today, I will be telling you about Face Search and how you can use facial recognition engines to find people using their face.

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has resulted in an incredible revolution in the technology world. Facial recognition technology is one of the significant outputs of AI. Face Search is an important technique through which you can find people using their pictures that is detectable or visible. This function of Face Search is made possible through the face recognition tools. The face recognition tool has built-in features that help to record and read the face of the person for his or her picture. Then it scans its facial database for similar samples. Once the scanning is completed, the picture and the entire profile of the individual detected will be displayed. The picture detected will be those ones similar to the searched face. The information supplied about the bearer of the face includes the age, name, gender, race, and other relevant personal data.

Whatis Face Search
What is Face Search

The Face Search technology has become a helpful invention to marketing agencies, lawyers, models, doctors, security agencies, and other businesses that use the technology to improve their services to their clients. Nowadays, a larger population of private businesses, IT industries, and software vendors offer various Face recognition online APIs that can be integrated with various apps and utilities.

The Possibility of Searching for People With Their Face

The Possibility of Searching forPeople With Their Face
The Possibility of Searching for People With Their Face

The Face Search technology has been used in many Hollywood movies where you see a government intelligence bureau or agencies using the picture of a criminal to search for him. The technology was proven to be realistic in these movies. However, today, people use someone's picture to search for him or her seamlessly. The facial recognition app has all the built-in features needed for face search tasks.

There are many reasons why you decide to search for people with their pictures. For instance, you can take steps to verify the identity of the person using your picture to scam people on dating websites. You can also get relevant information about your old-time friends in order to hook up with them.

Summary of Best Facial Recognition Engines

The table below summarizes the features of the best facial recognition engines

Facial Recognition Engines Features
  1. It does not retain the picture in the search result.
  2. It can identify an individual using a group picture.
  3. Its search result is presented in percentage similarities.
Google Image SearchIt considers the whole image while conducting its search on the platform.
Pinterest Image Search
  1. It filters millions of pictures when conducting its search.
  2. It gives relevant information about the pictures displayed in the search result.
Bing Image SearchIt considers the whole image while conducting its search.
TinEyeIt works perfectly for pictures with close similarity.
Berify Image Search
  1. It collates information from many sources.
  2. It can search for stolen videos and pictures.
YandexIt has an advanced facial recognition algorithm.
Social CatfishYou can use an email address, username, name, phone number, and pictures.

Face Search is a fantastic invention that makes the task of searching for people easier and quicker. To use Face Search to search for people with their pictures, you need to get an efficient facial recognition engine. One of the well-designed facial recognition engines you can use is Google. Then upload the picture of the individual getting access to his or her profile. The simple steps involved are discussed in this section.

  • Launch your favorite browser. Then visit the Google Reverse Image Search application by entering images.google.com in your browser.
  • Now, hit the Upload an image icon. Then upload the picture of the person you are searching for. Next, hit the S earch by image icon.
  • Now enter &imgtype face in the slot beside the uploaded image on the result page. Then click on the Search button.

Best 8 Facial Recognition Engines

The task of searching for people with their pictures requires the use of an efficient facial recognition engine. Hence, it is important to select the best facial recognition engines you can use. In this section, I will be telling you the best facial recognition engine you can use.

1. PimEyes - Link


If you are looking for a facial recognition engine loaded with a lot of exciting Face Search features, PimEyes is the best tool you can use. The well-designed software has the capacity to analyze millions of sources to provide accurate search results. All you need to do is to upload the photo of the person, hit search, and check the search results for similar faces. PimEyes has a feature whereby the identity of the person detected is not retained or saved in the search engine. When using PimEyes to search for people, you can upload group photos. The facial recognition tool will select and detect the person's face without any error. The results obtained after each search appear in the form of percentage similarity.

The Google Image Search is a popular and widely used facial recognition engine by the concerned persons. The fantastic tool helps you to search for similar face pictures or photographs to detect people without any hassle. Google has a feature where you can upload a photo by clicking on the camera icon followed by the search icon. When you upload the picture, the Google facial recognition tool will search for the person based images that match them. For instance, if the individual in the picture uses a necklace, Google will search for similar pictures of people that wear a necklace. Then you can filter the search result to identify the person you are searching for.

Pinterest Image Search
Pinterest Image Search

Pinterest is an excellent platform that is not strange to social media platform users. The website allows its users to search for people through its facial recognition feature without any hassle. To use Pinterest to search for people, you need to upload their pictures as "Pin." The picture is then pinned to your board on the platform. Then hit the pinned photo at the magnifying glass button. Next, a search will be conducted on the database of Pinterest. All similar pictures from the millions of pictures in its database will appear. Pinterest will give you concise information about the location of similar pictures on the internet.

Bing ImageSearch
Bing Image Search

Today, Bing is regarded as one of the widely used search engines in the world. The site also offers a good alternative to the Google image search tool. With Bing, you can search for people with their pictures effortlessly. All you need to do is to go to the Bing homepage. Next, hit the "Image" icon. Then locate and click on the "camera" button to upload the photo. Now you can find pictures with similar profiles. Note that Bing does restrict its searching to the face alone, it considers the whole image while conducting its search.

5. TinEye - Link


TinEye is an amazing tool that uses its reverse image search feature to perform facial recognition services to its users. To search for persons through this platform, you will have to upload the photo of the person and click on the search button. TinEye will display the search results. You can go through the search results to detect the picture of the person. It should be noted that the TinEye facial recognition tool is useful for searching for pictures that will show similarity.

Berify Image Search
Berify Image Search

Designed to collate information from websites like Google, Yandex, Bing, and lots more, Berify is a fantastic tool that is used to search for people without any error. The tool has many features that position it as one of the best facial recognition tools. Berify has the lookup video thumbnail feature through which you can search for stolen videos. It also has multiple platform features where you can import videos and photos. These platforms include social media, RSS feeds, Dropbox, Flickr, and many more. When you upload the picture, Berify will search for a similar picture across all platforms. Berify has both the free and subscribed versions.

7. Yandex - Link


Yandex is an excellent tool designed with facial recognition features. The tool often called "Russian Google" can be used to search for people with its efficient facial recognition algorithm. Some users of Yandex have reported that it gives more accurate results than Google. You can try it by uploading your picture and hitting the search icon.

8. Social Catfish - Link

Social Catfish
Social Catfish

Social Catfish is an incredible facial recognition platform designed to help you to find people effortlessly. The tool allows you to verify people's identity or search for people using their email address, username, name, phone number, and pictures. You can search for people by uploading their pictures on the Social Catfish platform. Then check the search results for similar faces.


Face Search is an excellent invention you will always want to use. Today, I have discussed the best facial recognition engines and all information you should know about Face Search. Enjoy reading the content.

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