How to Email Rich People for Money in 2023

by Rachel Garza

Are you struggling to get an education? Do you have a potential proposal to execute, but there is no fund? Are you battling with an issue that is draining or has drained you financially, and you still need help? Here comes your help.

Money is a crucial part of our lives. It is the reason we wake up and step out every day, the reason we work long hours to make ends meet. But sometimes, no matter how long we work, we might not make enough to attend to pressing issues or urgent situations. Sometimes, we might not even get a job, no matter how much we try.

Even the rich understand this, which is why some of them reach out to the people they are aware of. They feel our plight too. They give donations, some of them even have a charity organization. Although they cant cater to the whole world, they give out to whom they think worth or people in dire need. There is a long list of billionaires that are ready to give out to individuals in need if and only if we ask. So contrary to what people think and, you can get financial help from billionaires. A way to make a billionaire aware of you is to send a mail.

How do you ask a billionaire for money in 2023

One of the surest ways to get through to billionaires is to email them. They attend to their mail every day because this is the medium through which they communicate with other companies. However, tons of people also send In there mail daily, giving them thousands of mail to attend to. So they read the important ones and either ignore others or mark it read automatically. This the reason you should apply the following strategy so that your mail gets viewed and, more importantly, gets a response.

Guide to email rich people for money

Guide to email rich people for money
Guide to email rich people for money


Your intention matters a lot. State your purpose clearly without exaggerating. Why do you need the help? Is it to acquire a 'need' or 'want'? Need is a necessity that supports your existence while a want is what you desire or something you wish to have, but you can live without. If you are mailing for a want, you are wrong. You will get blacklisted and might also block opportunities for others who are in dire need.


Be genuine and real. Do not lie about your situation and try as much as possible to overcome the temptation to exaggerate. Do not increase the required amount unreasonably. You might be charged for extortion and jailed if caught.

Efficient Writing

This type of mail should be formal. You shouldn't start asking about business and family. Go straight to the point. You can follow this guide; salutation, introduction, main body, then conclusion as a standard format for your email.

  • Your introduction should include everything (relevant) about you.
  • The main body includes the purpose of the mail, your intention for the money in detail.
  • The conclusion is how the money would benefit you or the organization, as the case might be.

Write briefly and avoid epistles but do not leave out relevant information. A lengthy mail might get closed halfway. Ensure that you use proper English In your writing. Avoid grammatical errors and never use slang or informal language. Write in simple language, be sure to leave out ambiguities. Writing your mail in the English language is highly recommended; the type of English to use in writing the email depends on the billionaire you are sending the email. For example, use American English for Americans and British English for Britons.


ü DO NOT include your account details; it means you are desperate. You can include your hotline.

ü ATTACH relevant document to the mail. This is important if you are seeking help on health ground. Include a copy of medical fees and authentic medical records. This serves as proof.


It is important to be very polite. We are talking about the billionaires' money here, not politicians' money. The money is hard-earned! It is not your entitlement, and they are not under any authority to oblige you. So, please use polite words; it can trick them into helping you. It is also essential that you thank them in advance, even if you might not get a response. Be grateful that he/she took out time to read your mail despite the tight schedule.

First-person perception

First-person perception
First-person perception

Let the content of your mail be from the first persons' perception. Also, be confident. Avoid sentences like "I think I will graduate with good grade if you help me through school," instead say, "I will graduate with good grade; all I need is your sponsorship."

Appropriate Email address

You remember the saying, "dress the way you want to be addressed." The same thing is applicable here. Your email address gives them a little insight about you. Avoid email address that portrays you as an unserious fellow. For example, "baddestchick03", you have successfully disqualified yourself without an assessment.

Good Email Subject

The title of your email is a huge determining is the first sentence they see. It's prompt them to either open the email, ignore the mail or mark it read automatically. Remember, the rich receive tons of similar emails, and we do not want ours to be ignored. Your email subject should be simple, catchy, and also self-explanatory. Avoid email subject like "Help me as soon as you can." Don't sound too desperate.

Proofread your email

Read through your email and check for errors and workflow before sending the email. The last thing you want to do is to confuse the reader. You may get another eye to help you check through because sometimes we are too overwhelmed that we won't notice our mistake. Ensure you take into consideration the above guidelines.

List of rich people that gives out money.

1. Bill Gates

2. Jeff Bezos

3. Chuck Feeney

4. Ted Turner

5. Warren Buffet

6. Mark Zuckerberg

7. Larry Ellison

8. Tim Cook

9. J.K. Rowling

10. Opera Winfrey

11. George Soros

And some others.

Bill Gates, Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Bill Gates, Seattle, Washington, U.S. - cnbc
Bill Gates, Seattle, Washington, U.S. - cnbc

William Henry Gates III, popularly known as Bill Gates, is the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation and The Giving Pledge, software developer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is not just among the richest men in the world; he is generous to a fault. Bill and his spouse Melinda, founded a private philanthropic organization known as Gate Foundation in 2000. This foundation caters to the needy and less privileged around the globe. This foundation is structured to exist even after the death of the founders.

Jeff Bezos, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.

Jeff Bezos, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S. - vox
Jeff Bezos, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S. - vox

Jeffrey Preston Bezos is the founder and president of Amazon. He is one of the richest men that has notably donated generously to human cause in the past years.

Warren Buffet, City Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

Warren Buffet, City Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. - nypost
Warren Buffet, City Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. - nypost

Warren Edward Buffet is the CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, a business tycoon, great investor, and philanthropist. Warren is also the co-founder of The Giving Pledge. This organization functions to provide donations for people and also encourage other rich men in the world to provide financial assistance. Warrens' passion for helping Is immeasurable.

Chuck Feeney, Elizabeth, New Jersey, U.S.

Chuck Feeney is also another renowned rich individual who gives generously. He is an Irish-American businessman and the founder of the Atlantic Philanthropies. Most people who send out emails to wealthy men/women for help now have their sights on him. Feeney once admitted to his giving habit, saying that while alive, he will always adore giving his money and wealth. He should top your list of rich people to email for money.

Mark Zuckerberg, City Palo Alto, California, U.S.

Mark, Facebook founder, and his spouse Priscilla Chan have also contributed immensely to helping people in dire need. He and his wife pledged and transferred 99% of their Facebook shares to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, their charity organization that is focused on health and education. Zuckerberg and Priscilla stated that they would give the majority of their wealth to "advancing human potential and promoting equality" in the spirit of The Giving Pledge.

Oprah Winfrey, Montecito,Califonia.

The American talk show host, actress, television producer, and author is a cheerful giver. She was stated to be the richest African American of the 20th century and the greatest black philanthropist. She gives donations to educational causes and also offers scholarships. She should be on your mailing list if you want to email rich people for money.

Ted Turner, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

The American media proprietor, entrepreneur, television producer is one of the richest generous givers. Turner is a lover of environment and wildlife, who regularly donates for ecological preservation. He contributed tremendously to many organizations and also supported the United Nations.

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