Easiest Items to Flip for Profit in 2023

by Rachel Garza

Flipping items for profit is a good way to make extra cash and that can be seen as a very good side hustle. You don't need a degree or professional qualification to do this, absolutely anyone can get involved in flipping items for profit.

You can fit this activity into any time schedule, be it on weekdays after work or on a weekend when you are less busy. Unlike many other side hustles that requires putting in a lot of hard work, flipping item for profit is less demanding.

There are several platforms on the internet that allows people make income from selling products they find at lower prices or selling items that are no longer useful for them but still valuable. The internet has made it easy to sell items online without much effort.

In this guide, we will point you to easiest items you can flip for profit. For those who have never flipped items for profit before, here is a good article that can help you get started. It is quite easy, it requires little capital and you can do it at your spare time.

The Meaning of Flipping - Flip for Profit Link

The Meaning of Flipping
The Meaning of Flipping

Flipping involves re-selling things in your possession or something you acquired at a considerable low price with the aim of making higher profit. There are several ways in which you can flip such as:

  • Flipping a Freelance Service :

This involves selling your service to make money. But you can only do this if you have a sellable skill. If you don't, you can get involved in service arbitrage which involves outsourcing jobs to professional freelancers.

  • Flipping Digital Things :

This involves selling digital things such as eBooks, blogs, websites and web properties like domain names. Online brands are willing to pay a lot of money for digital stuffs like this.

  • Flipping Physical Items and Properties :

This involves selling all manner of physical items and properties for profit. This is our major talking point in this guide. Showing you easiest items to flip for profit.

Where to Flip Items for Profit

The major challenge with flipping items for profit is to figure out the best places to buy and resell those items. The best places to flip items for profit are:

  • Garage Sales
  • Thrift Stores
  • Online Marketplace
  • On Craigslist
  • On eBay
  • Flea Markets

You can also snap up items to resell on this sites. Ensure you check them out.

Easiest Items to Flip for Profit

Selling items for profit is a good way to make money but just like other businesses, you have to ensure you are selling items that are valuable.

Here is a comprehensive list of items you can flip for profit:

1. Branded Clothing

2. Books

3. Vintage Gadgets

4. Bicycles

5. Wooden Furniture

6. Records and Record Players

7. Vintage Wine

8. Vintage Watches

9. Websites

10. Power Equipment

11. Automobile Parts

12. Children Toys and Items

Flipping is a legit way of making income and while the most reputable is flipping properties and real estate, it is quite expensive to start and sustain. But the items listed above are quite easy to flip, so let's discuss about each briefly.

Branded Clothing

This is first on our list because there's a huge demand for affordable branded clothing. People love fashion and are always willing to buy wears that will make them look good or bring back memories. Branded clothing that were produced in limited supply can be flipped for profit when it's no longer available in stores.

The scarcity of certain vintage wears keeps it in high demand. So, if you can lay your hands on garments that have not been produced in years or shirts used for special tours, you can make huge profit reselling them.


One of the best items to flip for profit are books. Books are used for learning, gaining knowledge and passing time depending on the type and genres. There are several type of books such as technical books, comical books, novels, cookbooks, diaries, encyclopedias, dictionaries and many more. They can be found in libraries and book stores.

You can decide to sell your personal books from your shelf or look out for used books at thrift stores, online stores or library sales and then flip them for profit. It is important to understand the kind of books that will attract sales and examples of this books are first edition books or vintage novels. You can check out sites like Amazon and Rakuten for amazing books to resell.

Vintage Gadgets

You will find old gadgets in most average homes in America but the constant technology improvement has since seen many doing away with their old electronics. Buying these gadgets and reselling

Examples of these vintage gadgets are video game consoles, cassette players, Walkman, music players, vintage cameras, landline telephones and many more. These gadgets have a high market value and can be found on Yard Sales. You have to ensure you test them before listing them for sales.


Bicycles are valuable items you can re-sell to make profit. There are companies that buy old bicycles and repair them. They clean this bicycles up and rebrand them with the aim of selling them to communities with a lovely cycling culture such as Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas.

This companies are always out looking for retro models of bicycles from the 80s and 90s. You can also sell off your bicycle on sites like Craigslist. Rather than keeping that bicycle in your garage, why not flip it for cash? To be honest, we've all had to sell our bicycle one time or the other. You can always get a new one.

Wooden Furniture

A wooden furniture can always be repaired no matter how old it is. Many times all they need is polishing and it will look as good as new. This makes it a valuable item to resell for the purpose of making profit.

You can look out for wooden furniture that can be flipped at yard sales, estate sales or consignment shops within your locality. The best way to get valuable furniture for low price is from businesses that are closing down. You can then resell them for a much higher profit.

Records and Record Players

New generation kids might not know much about this beauty. Digital recording killed the thrill record players come with back in the days. I personally grew up playing music with old record players and purists will tell you listening to records sounds way better than the digital recording that has taken over the music industry now.

If by chance you still have access to record players and classic records, you can sell them at thrift shops in exchange for cash. If you don't have any of these items in your possession, you can visit the nearest thrift store and buy bestselling records from the stacks available and resell them for profit.

Vintage Wine

This is another reliable easy way of making profit from flipping things. Just like the famous saying "the older the berry, the sweeter the juice", so are wines. The older they get, the better they become. People keep bottles of wine for years and research has shown that over time they get to appreciate in value.

All you need to do is to figure out the type of wine that appreciates in value as it gets older, then buy them and keep over a long period of time. In few years, you will be happy you did when you get to sell at a much higher price. This is like playing the long game. It requires patience.

Vintage Watches

You can flip watches for profit by contacting series of watch collectors. Vintage watches are beautiful and the mechanical design makes them unique. You can buy these watches and resell to individuals or companies that needs them.

To sell at a good price, you must ensure the watches are in good working condition. You can search the internet for valuable watches to fix and resell.


One of the best things to flip for profit in 2023 are websites. How do you flip a website for profit? This involves buying websites and selling them to individuals or brands that needs them. Website flipping is popular amongst bloggers, so you are required to have a decent knowledge and experience in the field. You can make huge money with website flipping if you understand how the buying process.

Examples of sites where you can flip websites are:

You can make passive income by selling domain names and investing in websites.

Power Equipment

You can easily flip power equipment because there is a huge demand for them in the market. Many people tend to sell them whenever they are relocating or after they must have bought new models.

You can buy and resell used power equipment still in good condition to people that needs them for specific projects or those that can't afford new models. It is a very good way to make extra cash when you consider the profit involved.

Automobile Parts

Another reliable source of generating income is by selling auto parts. There are several companies that recycle automobile spare parts and they are always willing to buy the so called scraps from people to recycle them.

If you love cars and have a good knowledge and experience about automobiles, you can visit a Junkyard to buy automobile parts and resell them for profit. Starting a salvage business is a good and legit way to earn extra income.

Children Toys and Items

Finally, the things we can't ignore are children toys and baby items. Kids tend to outgrow stuffs like strollers, joggers, wears and other items. Rather than keeping them while they are not useful, you can sell them for profit.

Find out parents that are looking to sell stuffs their children have outgrown and buy the items from them at a cheap price. You will always find other parents willing to buy them from you just to cut cost on the expensive new ones.

Overall, we can't possibly list out all the items that can be flipped for profit. It is down to you to figure out things that people cherish in today's generation due to scarcity or the fact they no longer have access to them. Things from the midcenturies for example will attract buyers and you can make hundreds of dollars by buying and reselling them.


Flipping items for profit is quite different from other online businesses. It requires little capital to start unlike most other online businesses that requires investing a huge amount of capital. Flipping also comes with low risk and requires little or no experience. Why not get started today? It could be the perfect side hustle you've been looking for as you're planning to make extra income to help pay your bills.

Note that avoiding shipping cost when selling these items will save you some costs and thereby increase your likely profit. So it's best to sell within your locality.

You can share this guide on easiest items to flip for profit with your loved ones.

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