Investing Vs. Gambling in Portugal – What’s The Difference?

by Rachel Garza

Talk of stock dividends, bond interests, and rental income. All those are some of the benefits of investments. On the other hand, gambling will give you quick bucks that will allow you to accomplish your goals without waiting for long. So, what way for you?

Investments or gambling? It's a simple concept that people should not confuse. Unfortunately, some Portuguese find themselves under confusion regarding what they should do first regarding the two.

Investment involves ownership of an asset that will increase in value over time. That means that when you invest, you must wait for the returns after some time. Gambling, on the other hand, is betting on the outcome of an event.

There is no ownership, and the gambler is not guaranteed anything. We linked up with one of our experts Victoria Oliveira (view profile), to enlighten you on investing vs. gambling. Read on to understand.

Here is what you need to know about investing vs. gambling

Even though both scenarios involve risks, gambling involves risks and emotions. Gamblers are ever worried about the outcome and what will happen when they lose all their money.

Here is what you need to know about investing vs. gambling
Here is what you need to know about investing vs. gambling

Investors, on the other hand, will remain with options in case they lose it all. Also, it's not easier to lose it all when investing compared to when gambling. However, you should not associate the two because they aren't the same. The risk aspect is what might make some people confuse them.

When investing, you may opt for advice from investment professionals because they understand what is needed best. On the other hand, there are also gambling experts who can guide on making informed bets.

Is it worth investing in gambling?

As much as people may paint gambling as an activity whose outcome is not guaranteed, engaging in it can turn your life. Portuguese players have been winning huge money in jackpots and regular bets. The only thing you need to do is settle on a reputable site that has been reviewed by experts such as those at

Are there investments that are similar to gambling?

While there is a clear line drawn between investing and gambling, certain investments may make you think they belong to the same category because they are as risky as gambling.

Selling stocks short

If you are not a stock trader, the concept might seem quite complex for you. However, it mainly involves borrowing stocks, selling them when the value declines and keeping the difference. You can then buy the stock back at a lower price allowing you to create a profit margin after the price decline.

However, that's similar to gambling because it puts you at risk when the value of the stock goes up. You might be the loser in the end. You will have to repurchase the stocks when the prices are higher, thus keeping no difference. You shall have lost money in the process and also pay back the borrowed stock at an interest.

Holding a significant amount of one stock

Experienced stock investors call it concentrated stock positions. The practice is common among CEOs and top executives. They have always believed that it's the way they can make good returns despite the risk in place.

However, if you are a regular investor, you will confirm that it's never advisable to go in that direction. The risk is that when all your stocks are tied to one company, you might end up losing everything should anything go wrong.

Loss mitigation in gambling and investment

Investors are aware that they are prone to losses. However, that does not make them fear-making. The main worry is how they mitigate their losses. It's also what differentiates gambling and investing.

When you invest in casinos, you will have no way to limit your losses. Once you have staked a certain amount, minimising your chances of losing will be minimal compared to when you invest, unless there is a cashout option.

Investments have various options to fall back on if you get it wrong in the gambling sector. For instance, if you are a stock investor and realise that the stock prices are falling, you will have the advantage of selling off.

You can also hold them until the prices are favourable. That's not the case with gambling. You cannot sell the odds you have already staked on to the other gamblers.

As you can see, gambling and investment remain controversial topics. But the bottom line is that both investing and gambling need serious research before you get started.

Consider diversifying your investments to minimise your risks should anything bad happen. Most importantly, we hope you have understood the difference between investing and gambling.

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