Methods for downloading movies from Netflix onto your Mac or iPad

by Rachel Garza

From this article, you will get to know how to download your favorite movies and series from Netflix to your iPad for later viewing. Mac doesn't have a Netflix app, and from the Netflix website, you can't download either. There are also ways to work around to download Netflix movies for your Mac. 

The potential of this post applies to iPads and Macs with the latest version of the Netflix app ( click here to download the Netflix app).

Summary of How to Movies from Netflix onto your Mac or iPad

iPads Macs
Downloading videos for offline viewing is relatively simple and straightforward Downloading videos for offline viewing is near impossible and not so straightforward.
Download from Netflix to iPads is direct no stress No direct download from Netflix to Mac
Netflix App supported Doesn't support the Netflix App
Downloading with iPads is safe no risk of downloading malware When looking for alternative and you download screen capturing software, the mac is prone to malware
Download is legal Download with another alternative is illegal
The download quality is very high, you will have no regret When you screen record the download, quality is very poor
Limited to your tablet screen Can work around for users with multi-devices

You want to watch your favorite Netflix series or TV shows offline on your Mac or iPad, so you need to download it and you don't know how to go about it, you need not worry we've got you covered.

Downloading Netflix movies on your iPhone and iPad for offline viewing is quite easy, I can't say that much about downloading on your Mac though. As much as it is very well possible, the process is not so straightforward.

Downloading from your Netflix to your iPad

Downloading from yourNetflix to your iPad
Downloading from your Netflix to your iPad

Before you can download movies from a Netflix account to any iPad you must have an active subscription for your Netflix. Also, you need to have the free Netflix app which you can easily download from the App Store for free.

Your already downloaded movies and TV series are just the right company for you when you are on a trip or just cruising, or any other place where entertainment is the right thrill. Downloading them to your iPad is easy.

Your iPad is just the right device for downloading movies from Netflix. It is relatively weightless, the screen is wide, and their battery seems like an everlasting one that will never die you can conveniently take it on a trip without stress.

On your iPad launch the Netflix App

Swipe up on the opening screen to browse the listing and click on the movie, TV series, or whatever show you would like to download. On the menu bar, you can tap on movies so all your searches will be within the boundary of movies.

Movies on Netflix

Not all movies can be downloaded. If your pick is a movie, just click on the download arrow pointing downward close to the movie synopsis. But if there is no download arrow it means you can't download the movie.

When you download a movie, you can just click on the Play arrow to watch your movie or TV series on the "My Downloads" screen to watch it.

Movies on Netflix
Movies on Netflix

A status indicator will pop up when the download starts, and a progress wheel substitutes the download arrow.

The movies you download will appear on the "my download" section, and you can access them by clicking on downloads at the bottom screen.

Download link onNetflix
Download link on Netflix

If it is a TV series you want to download, just click on the download arrow beside any episode you want to download and the download will start.

Download link onNetflix
Download link on Netflix

The Netflix App features a smart download option. This feature is turned on by default. When you want to watch more than one episode on your iPad it saves space. Once you are done watching a particular episode, it deletes automatically so the next time you have access to a Wi-Fi connection the next episode is downloaded swiftly. You can only have one episode per time on your iPad.

Download link onNetflix
Download link on Netflix

Manual Delete on Netflix

To delete a movie or TV series from your iPad, click on the download icon close to the listing, it looks like a checkmark, then clicks on the deleted download to delete it from your iPad. Your already downloaded movies can be found in the download menu at the bottom of the App.

If you cancel your subscription you won't be able to keep any download on your iPad.

Manual Delete onNetflix
Manual Delete on Netflix

Setting on your Netflix app

The Netflix App setting on your iPad is the part where you get to make decisions on how you want the app to run. You can choose if you want the download to be limited to Wi-Fi only which is the default app setting. You also get to choose the video quality from the standard which is enough for iPad, or higher quality depending on what kind of screen you want to view with. Another available option is smart downloads which you can turn on and off. To locate the App setting for your Netflix just click on more at the bottom of your screen.

Setting on your Netflixapp
Setting on your Netflix app

How to Download Movies and series to you Mac from Netflix.

To download Netflix movies or series on your Mac you need screen recoding. Whatever movie you want to download, you will need to enable screen recorder while your Mac plays whatever you decide to record. The result is not always soothing so to many it is a troublesome process. This though is the most effective method we've discovered to download series on movies on your Mac from Netflix.

Make sure your Mac screen recording purpose is not to distribute to others so they can watch, doing that you are breaching terms and condition as it is not a legal means. If you screen record for your own consumption alone it may not be considered illegal.

Mac don't have provision for a Netflix App. Though you can access Netflix on your Mac via the browser. You don't have the luxury to download content from your browser version of Netflix to your Mac. Netflix design and configuration does not support offline viewing or download on you Mac. However, there are a few options available to you for viewing already downloaded Netflix content on your Mac.

Boot camp and windows

For window computers Netflix provide an alternative app on the Microsoft store. It is called "Boot Camp" this special application is available on Macs, it operates windows 10 on Mac. With that you can download the windows version of the Netflix app, and legally download contents from your Netflix account. All you are required of is to have a copy of the windows 10 and install it on your Mac. It is not in any way expensive so it is a very viable and reasonable alternative.

iPad streaming on a Mac

AirPlay is supported on the iPad's version of the Netflix app, which grants you permission for wireless streaming of multimedia contents for Apple devices. So, any downloaded Netflix content on your iPad you can conveniently stream them on your Mac, via the iPad. Using this method, you can show a movie or series on a bigger scree of a wider audience. Don't get it twisted, it's far from downloading to your Mac, but it is a good workaround for users with multi-device.

When you want to download Netflix movies on your Mac don't use these methods.

Surfing the internet, you may come across some software use for screen-capture. These software claim to tackle the limitations of Netflix, you need to be careful. When you copy a movie, you are pirating that content, and it is illegal. The quality either is nothing to write home about. If the intention of your recording is for your personal consumption, no that you intend to share with others then Netflix won't come after you. To be on a safer side don't attempt it, read Netflix terms for more details, it's not worth the stress.

Downloading and copying are two very different things, they are not the same in anyway. When you attempt to record a movie, the time it will take you will be exactly the same time the movie lasts for, and the quality can never be as good as the original version. With whatever screen capturing software you use, you put your Mac at risk of downloading malwares too.

To download Netflix to your Mac often time is not the best choice especially if you have an iOS device or an Android mobile which supports their respective versions of the Netflix App and downloading videos for offline viewing later.


Regardless of the kind of device you use, you can always stream and download Netflix movies, it much easier for iPads and other devices than Mac, but that is not to say it is impossible. We believe with the few options available to you as already discussed above, you can watch and download Netflix movies, series and TV shows with ease whether you use iPads or Mac.

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