OSQA Meta Discussion

Yes, we eat our own dog food at OSQA. meta.osqa.net is the OSQA about OSQA, where you can ask questions, share your ideas, and interact with others who are interested in OSQA.

Hasked – Preguntas y respuestas gamers

Hasked.com is a premier Spanish-language Q&A site for video games and consoles. OSQA is localized in several languages, and Hasked.com demonstrates what Spanish speakers can expect.

LostQuery.com – Q&A for LOST fans

Check out LostQuery.com! Unless you’ve been on an island with no TV, you already know about ABC’s “LOST” series. Now you can get all your LOST questions answered!

Trabber: Travel Q&A for Spanish speakers

Trabber Respuestas is the web’s most attractive and up-to-date example of OSQA in Spanish. Crafted in painstaking detail by Óscar Frías, this is a showcase of the best of OSQA internationalization.