Fantasy Island Beta 3 is here!  This beta release includes a significant number of improvements since February’s Beta 2.

Please note that you will need to run sudo python migrate forum after updating to Beta 3. Failure to do this will result in errors.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Improved General Admin Functions
  • We added a new widget that allows the community administrator to test email functionality.
  • User tips on the Ask a Question page can now be edited by administrators.
  • The Node model summary length is now configurable through administration.
Simplified Community Management Features
  • Support has been increased for Akismet and ReCaptcha..
  • Users only gain reputation points after validating their email addresses.  Administrators can configure the number of points they receive.
  • OpenID authentication has been improved.
Improved Error Logging
  • Error messages generated by failed emails are stored in the log file.
  • Better tags view: a 404 error exception is raised if there are no questions for a given tag.
Bug Fixes
  • OSQA-757: user links on the Revision page are pointing to the correct place.
  • OSQA-550: administrators are warned if the community SMTP settings aren’t configured.
  • OSQA-757: a Unicode related issue in the _unicode_ method of the Node model has been eliminated.- OSQA-562: messed-up markdown language no longer rearranges the simple comment text.
  • OSQA-558, OSQA-557: improvements have been made to the SXImporter tool.  Answers and pages imported with the SXImporter tool can now be edited.
  • OSQA-559: when converting an answer to a question, the question title is set to the active revision object.
Looking Ahead

We’re hoping that this will be the last beta before the final release candidate.  In response to user feedback, the final release candidate will sport further bug fixes. Several new improvements will be added for translations.  One thing is certain: the final release of OSQA 1.0 is just around the corner.


You can download the Beta 3 release here.

A full list of the new features and improvements is available on our Wiki.