Fantasy Island Beta 2 Released!

We’ve just released Fantasy Island Beta 2 out into the wild. For full details, read the release announcement here.

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First Official OSQA Release!

Fantasy Island – 0.9.0 Beta 1 Announcement

The Fantasy Island (0.9.0) beta 1 release is here! This is the first official packaging of code that has been running sites for months–powering active communities like LockerGnomeAsk SQL Server Central, and the Spanish travel site Trabber.

The release contains a number of improvements:

Better ReCaptcha Support
  • For users with low reputation, posting new content will require them to clear a ReCaptcha hurdle before the content is accepted. The amount of reputation needed in order to avoid ReCaptcha is configurable, and can be set by an administrator in the Minimum Reputation Config panel of the Administration interface.
  • With the Akismet module enabled, content that looks like spam will now trigger a ReCaptcha prompt (regardless of user reputation). The user will have to successfully pass the ReCaptcha test before the content can be posted.
Support for Subdirectory Installations
  • Fixes to the way OSQA deals with some variables means that it can now better handle running as a subdirectory.
    • The application can now be configured with the APP_URL variable located in the site’s
    • FORUM_SCRIPT_ALIAS is now deprecated and should not be used. Instead, convert to using APP_URL. To preserve existing installations, it will be supported for the time being.
Bug Fixes

A collection of bug fixes, both major and minor:

  • OSQA-533 and OSQA-526 – Tag counts are now tallied correctly when new content is added.
  • OSQA-429 – Forgotten password recovery no longer requires you to enter the forgotten password.
  • OSQA-539 – Better Unicode support when using the diff_date() function.
  • Various grammatical and stylistic updates to the messages.
  • OSQA-384 – Correct licensing graphic is now displayed.
  • Email validations emails/links can now be requested multiple times. Previously, a user could only generate an email validation link once.
  • The sign-in page now correctly remembers the page you’re signing in to view. In previous builds, failing the correct credentials meant the sign-in page would get confused and forward the user back to the sign-in page once that user was authenticated.

Release Structure

This release also marks a departure from the previous method of releasing and distributing OSQA. With this release and going forward, we’ll be providing a downloadable release archive (initially in gzip’d tar format) instead of directing users to checkout from the SVN tree.

The change also means that the /trunk in SVN will be considered the bleeding edge, potentially-unstable copy of OSQA. If you’re looking to check into the latest in OSQA development, pull the latest from /trunk. If you’d like to run a stable server, we strongly recommend using the latest release.

Moving Forward

There’s lot of activity on OSQA now, and we’re busy updating the roadmap. The details haven’t been finalized yet, but look for the following features to come soon:

  • Easier installation through better release packaging.
  • Simplified notification settings that help foster and support the involvement of the site’s community.
  • New “test email configuration” functionality that will allow site administrators to verify whether they have their email settings correctly configured. To go along with this, better email transmission debug statements will be provided.


You can pull down the Beta-1 release archive here: