OSQA Project Update: 2010/05/02

We’ve been busy gutting the core of OSQA for several weeks, but I believe the results will prove that it was worth it.

We’ve made some really big changes in how the community information is represented by the database back-end, and we think we have completely removed all the direct SQL calls which were sprinkled throughout the original CNProg codebase we started with. Removing the direct SQL was especially important because it may allow us to make progress towards another major goal we hope to reach (but I won’t announce anything until it works!)

Anyway, we plan to work on lots of smaller (hopefully easier to address) issues after we roll out the overhauled code this coming week. We’ve asked people to share their pet peeves about OSQA, and knowing the “features” that irritate our users most should help us identify some high priority targets to focus on. If you want to, share your pet peeve on meta.osqa.net.