Browsers used by visitors to

Reviewing our Google Analytics data for today, we noticed an interesting fact about the browsers our visitors are using. Only 5% are using IE, not even twice the number using Opera, and only one sixth the number using Chrome. It’s not because everyone’s using Mac and Linux, either – 64% are on Windows.

Firefox: 52.57% Windows: 63.95%
Chrome: 30.31% Macintosh: 23.03%
Safari: 7.60% Linux: 12.13%
Internet Explorer: 5.03%
Opera: 2.98%
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StackExchange import: a big milestone for OSQA!

Thanks to the hard work of Evgeny and Hernani, we have just completed the first successful import and migration of a StackExchange site into OSQA. About an hour ago we successfully imported a StackExchange data dump and brought online with OSQA.

The import appears to have preserved users, badges, question, answers, votes and even revisions! Clicking around it feels like the whole site is there, and it feels crisp and fast. is a small site compared to some of the really active StackExchange sites, so we still have some distance to go before we can say this feature is rock solid.

It sure is nice to have the first one completed successfully, however. I am reminded that the Wright brothers first flight lasted 12 seconds and covered 120 feet. They must have enjoyed that one, too!

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Homeschool Help Desk is a support community for homeschoolers and those considering homeschooling. We’d love for you to get involved, and we’d be grateful if you would pass an invitation along to others.

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Mendix Forum

Mendix Forum is the place where modelers and developers meet to discuss, ask and answer Mendix-related questions and topics. Check out the FAQ to see how it works.

Comments Off on Mendix Forum – Your FIRST Robotics Resource is a Q&A community for everyone interested in robotics and the FIRST robotics competitions. The site is operated by TeamAwkwardTurtle in Cary, NC (FRC Team #2108.) Everyone is welcome to join and participate!

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Site moved to “”

There is nothing wrong with your screen. We have taken control! No, seriously, we have just moved the former site to a new, permanent location:

If you had an account on the former, then you still have an account on Since most of you use a Google OpenID, however, there is a minor snag that we’re working on. You’ll need to complete a short account recovery process to get logged back in. We’ll be sending details via email (for those who actually provided an email address.)

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